Thursday, 12 December 2013

Thursday walkathon and laziness

I can't believe it's Thursday already my final week off is flying by and before I know it my alarm will be going off Monday morning! In preparation for this I managed to get up slightly earlier than normal though only because I had to take the car into the garage to find out why it randomly stops the heating and windows working.

As I was up early enough I decided to get some breakfast inside me as once the car was dropped off I was walking home.
Lacking in superfree but was fab My Little Pony spaghetti on toast (HEB).

Once the car was dropped off me and Doug (who had come along for the ride) headed home enjoying some of the sights of Bristol.
Not sure why there is an inflatable camper van.....but it looked pretty cool! Needless to say on we e got home I was feeling a little dead.
It has been a few weeks since I have walked this far and my little feet are a tad sore now but it was good to be exercising and Doug loved it. He has spent the day either sleeping or resting his eyes.

Whilst waiting for news on the car I busied myself catching up on The Gilmore Girls and Masterchef and watching The Heat which was pretty funny. Lunch was similar to yesterday...
This soup is very versatile as I used it as the tomato sauce for dinner and will be using it for a pasta lunch tomorrow. After this I was still peckish so grabbed some more snacks.
This afternoon I enjoyed another one of my favourite festive films The to love a good chrisromcom 
Luckily the car call came confirming it was all okay and they had tightened something to make it better so I went to pick it up and stopped via Tesco on the way home resisting the yummy food including a huge Brie and various other cheesy goodies and coming out with the required spinach for dinner.
Spinach and mushroom cannelloni with garlic bread (HEA and HEB plus 4.5 syns for the garlic bread). I haven't made this in a while as it can be a bit of a faff stuffing the tubes but it was worth it tonight. 
Pudding was another old favourite warmed muller dessert (5) with fruit and my advent chocolate (1) taking the total to 10.5 for the day.

I'm out tomorrow night with my lovely friends for dinner and a movie if we can fit it in. I'm not sure where we are going but I will ensure I make the right choices food wise. 

That's it for me today night night all xoxo 

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