Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday fun

I am a sleepy girl so this will be a bit of a quick blog. I have been out for a pre Christmas dinner/present exchange with my lovely friend this evening and not long got back. Bed is definitely calling me...I can hear it yelling get inside the duvet and snooze!
The lovely girls....we are not 100% sure about Sue in this one maybe she say some monkeys banging drums ;).

Apart from this evenings festivities today has been very quiet I've been mainly sitting and trying to plow through the ridiculous amount of tv I have recorded. 
5ive <3 I did enjoy the Christmas big reunion show and have preordered the text Santa single. Apart from this the only other activity today was painting my nails.
Food wise it was yummy and off plan until dinner when I enjoyed a yummy flexi meal. The beauty of slimming world is you can enjoy occasions like this and work them into your week. 
Magic muffins (pancakes made into muffins) with blueberries banana and a yogurt.
Pasta made using the 321 tomato soup with mushrooms and courgette. I added 45g of feta as my healthy extra. I stirred some in and then popped the rest on top.


I had a large mushroom topped in garlic cheesy sauce, followed by whole wheat pasta in a tomato sauce with some mozzarella and then pudding was called Cookie Dough Lava cake which was scrum my and I enjoyed every mouthful. I will be back to the plan in the morning 

I will leave you now with some pretty Christmas lights and me.

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