Monday, 27 January 2014

Cheese and Chocolate and Gromit oh my

Today's blog will mainly be brought to you by those food groups and a dog and not the dog you are used to seeing.
Today was our first day at our new shiny office so the day started slightly earlier than normal as I knew I may hit traffic...which I did
Walking into the new office was a bit surreal as we were being greeted by Santa in shorts giving us goodie bags. It was rather awesome to look through it...once I had worked out how to open the lift. I figured I had to swipe as there was a thingum there but no its one of those clever lifts where you push the arrow button and the door opens...magic isnt it. Inside our goodie bag was discount coupons for local stores and these bits
Doesn't it look gorgeous....the cone is coffee which I will be enjoying as you know I do like the odd cup of coffee...or 50. and the chocolate can wait till post weigh in. I have promised Rich I will make him the cookies on the weekend too. I'm going to make him some blondies too as I do love baking a lot. 

We had an unveiling ceremony thing where we had the formal introduction to the building and we got to meet the new addition to the building.
The Gromit was painted by a local artist Laura Cramer who does amazing semi abstract paintings of Bristol. He is going to live in our reception place so we can see his friendly face everyday. I think Wallace has a job elsewhere in the company though.

We had a welcome lunch too....this was tricky as I wanted to stay on plan with weigh in tomorrow but did want to enjoy a few bits. Luckily I guess there wasn't much choice I fancied so I had a few bits.
The mushroom and feta type tart thing was divine I could have eaten tons of it. The rice had courgettes and other veggies in. I decided with this and the mid afternoon bits we had that my syns for the day were gone to be safe.
I'm sorry but when Gromit says cheese I had to have some didn't I....cheese is amazing.
Disclaimer....I did not eat the brownie Rich ate this...I kindly wrapped it up and brought it home for him. The cheese was some local stuff and blinking gorgeous. 

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful I did my work chatted a bit about football and wrestling and then came home to Sirdougle. We had a nice but wet walk and afterwards played chase the belly as Doug got rather wet and I was trying to dry him off. He wasn't so keen and decided to run about instead. I don't plan to do much this evening except finish my book and sleep. 

The rest of the days food looked like this
Usual breakfast....tomorrow I may change it up ;)
Cheats babybel burger made with Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages. I defrosted them, Rich moulded them into burgers and then wrapped them around the babybel. Nice and simple.
Supper using up leftover quorn roast, my HEB for the hifi bar and the rest of my HEA for the babybels and decaff coffee.

And thats all folks....tomorrow is weigh in so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

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