Sunday, 26 January 2014

Radio silence

Apologies for the radio silence since Wednesday night unfortunately I have been dying...I have had as stinking cold....
Okay so Mr Wonka is being sarcastic here and he has a point I was actually dying I just felt like pure rubbish. Even today (Sunday) I am still feeling as rough as a badgers bottom (or porcupine...they are the spiky ones right) but decided to do a catch up blog for you lovely readers.

So swinging back to Thursday the day the patient began to commence sickness....I was happily sitting at my desk trying to do maths and the sneezing began. Maybe I am just using the wrong part of my brain too much? It is a bit scary going from a law job to finance as the part of my brain that was awake when I did maths previously has been napping for a gazillion years and is now protesting. I am now forcing the brain to use look at spreadsheets, compile things and use calculators. You would think that now I am doing a job where adding things up is important I could add up 6 + 7 and get 13 now the 11 I came up with yesterday.

Food wise despite the fact I felt rubbish I stayed on plan the entire day
Usual breakfast of dorset simply fruit muesli (HEB) with blueberries, cherries and bananas. The difference with this one is it was lovelingly prepared by Rich as I was multitasking wednesday night and got all in a fluster. I had grapes mid morning and for lunch it was leftover chilli, fruit and 3 babybels. For dinner I made balsamic quorn lamb which had been cooking in the slow cooker all day. The recipe is really simple 

Quorn lamb slices
200g of mushrooms, sliced
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 cup (230ml) of stock
1/3 cup (78ml) of balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup ( 115ml) of passata
2 tspn sweetner
salt and black pepper to season

Then I use the tried and tested method of bunging in the slow cooker, quick stir and walk away.

The rest of Thursday was spent in the company of this man
The delectable Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow which I am now completely addicted too. I watched several episodes Thursday night.

On to Friday I woke up feeling rather unspecial as the cold has shot right to my chest so now I sound like I smoke 60 a day. Food wise thanks to the lovely Rich stayed on plan.
Breakfast was brought by our lovely boss as a thankyou as it was our last day in our old office and Monday brings our new office. I was sensible and asked for a mushroom sandwich on wholemeal or brown if they didnt have wholemeal. It appears they had wholemeal but I made the decision to be safe and syn the sandwich at 15 using my whole daily allowance. It was worth it as it was gorgeous.Lunch was mushy pea curry and fruit. Dinner was originally going to be pizza and chips using the bfree wraps but asda didnt have any and by the time I got home I was feeling even worse so Rich came to the rescue with three cheese pasta using three healthy extras. No superfree but it was perfect and so much better than having a takeaway. I followed it up with fruit and yogurt whilst we watched Face/Off.

Yesterday was designated duvet day I barely moved off the sofa except when I required food. I enjoyed Thierry Henry on Graham Norton
Followed by finishing up Sleepy Hollow (hurry and come back) then Game of Thrones. I finished up my rock and roll day with a bubble bath and my kindle.
Food wise we had some fab noms
Breakfast was a good sw fry up only 1.5 syns for the quorn bacon. Lunch was a mushroom and courgette omelette using my hea of cheese with sw chips. I also had 2 tbsp of mayo for 1 syn. Afterwards it was fruit, yogurt and a cup of apple and cinnamon tea. Dinner was fab we made halloumi, mushroom and pepper kebabs (rich had chicken and pineapple with his). I had 50g of halloumi on mine which is a HEB plus 2.5 syns as you get 35g for a healthy B). I had mine with thai sweet chilli savoury rice and salad and the whole meal was gorgeous. Afterwards we tried the sw donut thats been making the rounds. Mine was a heb plus 1 syn for a tbsp of jam and it was nice but I don't think I'll rush out to make it again. I still had the munchies so had a bag of velvet crunch (4) and an options indulgence (3) taking me to 13 syns....not the 11 my bad maths had initially told me.

Finally on to today, I'm certainly feeling less dead and more human now but today has been another lazy day. I finished up season 3 of Game of Thrones and finally understand what the red wedding was all about. I then watched The Hangover 3 which was rubbish in comparison to the others. The day has gone far too quickly and I will be heading to bed soon.

Food wise it has been a day of good noms and a failed experiment.
Another SW friendly fry up (1.5 for the quorn bacon).
Mini pizzas using 60g of wholemeal rolls, I topped them with tomato puree mushrooms, courgette and red pepper. I then added a low low slice to each one (HEA)
Epic roast 1.5 syns for the gravy and 3 for the homemade yorkies.
Cous cous mincemeat slice (3 syns) was pretty rank so I'm annoyed that I wasted the syns on it. Though my poor maths showed again as originally I calculated it at 4 syns as 12 divided by 4 is clearly 4....seriously my maths is appalling. The banana and custard muller was nice though.
My final HEB for two hifi bars and 2 syns for a hot chocolate taking me to 11 for the day.

That's you all caught up night night all xoxo

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  1. A great catch up! Your food always looks yummy! x