Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why was pizza such a good idea...and more tales from the dark side of the moon

Seriously...why did I decided pizza was a wise idea last night? Did I not remember that pizza from the glorious beautiful delicious takeaway makes me feel a tad bloated and rubbish. It tasted good last night until I went to bed and couldn't settle properly. This may have had something to do with the furry monster following me and decided that our bed was his and I was allowed an inch...

Lesson learnt though just because I have the syns doesn't mean I should use them on pizza even if it is covered in heavenly cheese! I also maybe shouldn't watch a gory episode of CSI when feeling rather stuffed but I am not the wisest sometimes ;)

On to today, it was a good day work was good especially as I was told I was doing a good always wonder when your new how things are going but I'm doing well and feeling less like a headless chicken. Not much else of note during the normal working day so I'm going to share with you all another church
I am neither a clever photographer...or proving you may have had one or two too many wines tonight the church is leaning...this is the leaning church of Bristol that is proper wonky because of the foundations and too much weight. I love this church though its so beautiful and the park by it has been home to many a fun lunch with Jen Jen.

Once work was done and dusted I dragged Rich to boots on the premise that I wanted a new eyeliner however I wandered out with a new eyeliner mascara and these pretties
All bumpy and sparkly and stuff.....the shopping kind of continued when I got home as I really need to own Despicable me 1 and 2 and some new tshirts as I like to vary my cool stuff plus how cute are these!

The rest of the evening was taken up finally getting around to watching Sleepy Hollow, being a domestic goddess (I cooked and press the on switch on the dishwasher) and then laughing at Man United....if you havent seen the penalties trust me you want to watch them. They entertained me and Rich.

Food I have been a little angel today....breakfast will not shock you remotely as I have it most days...during the week....I need to vary this
I was hungry mid morning so had a bit of a snack
Cheese!!! Got to love it
Fake heinz soup (2 tins of chopped tomatoes, tin of baked beans and tin of carrots cooked for 10 minutes then blitzed with a pickled onion) and some fruit too.
Slow cooker chilli in a tortilla bowl (4.5 syns for the bfree wrap) HEB of cheese and sw chips. It was blinking gorgeous.
Finishing up the day with a freddo and special k biscuits for 10 syns taking me to 14.5 for the day. I am trying to have 15 a day this week to see how the scales are next week and also to keep me on track as I tend to go off far too easily.

I best get myself to bed now I've watched the rest of the football and had a chuckle night night all xoxo

P.S if you fancy joining in a bit of madness but a great supportive group come and join The Big Purple Slimming World Bus Stop Doug drives the bus

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  1. I need the death riding a unicorn t-shirt. NEED it I tells ya! *faints with the needing of it*