Monday, 20 January 2014

Where did the weekend go??

Sorry for the radio silence, the weekend seemed to fly by despite spending yesterday doing very little. I will rewind to Saturday and fill you in on all the fun and frolics that was my weekend.

It started a little earlier than I normally plan on a Saturday however I had plans with the girls and wanted to ensure I got breakfast inside me before we went out. Due to the time I had to consume a monster cup of coffee.
The plan of action for the day was to go and look at wedding dresses and see what sort of style suited me. We started posh by wandering up to Clifton (I got to spy my new office and its gorgeous view!!) but they require appointments so we wandered around a bit...looked in a few charity shops (and got glared at in one for our general hyperness...though we did keep picking up bits and seeing if we could wear them mainly met with a resounding no from some of us....especially when it came to a hat and some shoes.

There was a lush food market on in Clifton which had many tempting things on display but we were good and avoided the lush food including much cheese and continued on our womble about.
Once we exhausted Clifton we headed into the city centre but annoyingly my asthma was playing one good thing for me and asthma is expresso so we wandered into House of Fraser to see if we could have some tasters of their coffee.
They actually let you serve yourself so I had a few expressos and got my hyper on and also took on the role of supplying samples to other customers....maybe i could have a new career as a caffeine enabler.

We went to the pub for lunch finding a nice weatherspoons so we could continue to be on plan angels as we are shining our halos this week and commenced planning stuff that we need to consider for a wedding....there is much to think about.
Dress shopping was a stressful experience as they didn't seem to stock my size in most and whilst I know come the day I won't be this size I wanted an idea. I did find a few dresses that made me look like a proper bride but ebay proved to be more successful. I did feel a bit down about the experience at first as the lady 'assisting' me didn't seem to understand that I was not going to get into the tiny size she had brought and was trying to get me out of a dress by yanking it. It did make me more determined to shift some flubber though.

We were rather knackered after wandering around shops so headed home for some rest and dinner before meeting up again to see Tracy's hubbies band who were fab.
We also continued our planning mission which descended into madness when we just ended up writing silly notes to each other and declaring boys have cooties.
Food wise Saturday was an excellent on plan day.
Magic muffins (HEB) with fruit and yogurt.
5 bean chilli in weatherspoons...I didn't have the nachos and said 2 syns for any oil in cooking. It was gorgeous and I properly love the bowl it was served in.
Pasta bake with salad, I made the tomato sauce from scratch and added in some blue cheese triangles (3 syns). I then topped it with two lots of healthy extra of cheese. Did you know I love cheese?

Once I got home from Mark's gig I headed straight to bed at was exhausted.

On to yesterday my asthma was a real pain in the butt so the day was mainly filled with many movies and cups of expresso
I watched world war z which wasn't the best, hitchcock which was fab and made me want to watch psycho so I did and then watched the switch which was dubbed a was dullnoncom more like.

So as yesterday was a very lazy day I will entertain you with food.
Breakfast sw fry up with heb of toast, 1 syn for 2 tsp of flora lighter than light and 1.5 for the quorn bacon.
Cheesy orzo pasta with veggies, I used a whole tub of low low.
Monster roast only 1.5 syns for the gravy.
Pudding sw brownies which are really simple to make.


30g of cocoa
30g of sweetener
1 tsp of vanilla essence
3 eggs

You seperate the eggs, mix the yolks cocoa sweetener and essence. Whisk the whites until they peak and then combine with the cocoa mix. They need about 20 minutes at 180. The white stuff is quark mixed with sweetener and white choc options which was gorgeous. 

Today I had the day off work as my new phone was being delivered, I listened to my lovely Mitchy on the radio and just generally hung about with the master Doug. My new phone is lovely and I can now use a phone without the battery dying within a few hours.

Food wise its the day before weigh in and the trickiest day for me as I was tempted by a takeaway tonight but I remember how blimpy I felt Saturday and I don't enjoy that...I'd rather have a loss tomorrow night than the pizza that I was craving.
Another fry up with beans this time and 1.5 syns for the bacon.
Quorn roast, cheese and mayo sandwich (HEA, HEB and 2 syns for 15g of extra bread and 1tbsp of lighter than light mayo) with some fruit.
Dinner was orzo with 75g of garlic and herb philli stirred in (HEB) mushrooms, courgette, onion and quorn low fat sausages.
Rest of my syns 3.5 for the raisins and 3 for the bubbly bite taking me to 10 for the day.

So that's you all caught up tomorrow is weigh in and I'm hoping for a good result as I have been on plan. I'm now going to catch up on Supersize vs Superskinny. Night night all xoxo

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