Friday, 17 January 2014

Lovely Friday is here at last

It's been quite a long week this week so I was glad to wake up this morning with the realisation it was Friday which meant the weekend was close. Today has been a pretty good day I spent the day working through an account and I found it oddly satisfying pulling it apart. I didn't expect to enjoy a job in finance but it's really enjoyable and challenging. 

The not so good part of the day was the reality hitting me on the walk fitness has deteriorated quite a lot in the past few months. A while back 3 miles was nothing to me now walking for 10 minutes seems a struggle. I know the more I do the stronger I'll become again but its frustrating to see the progress I've previously made dissapear in a matter of months. I really did let myself down on that front but at least its a good reminder of what benefits being on plan have apart from gorgeous food. I did manage to walk a mile each way between the car and work and take Doug out for a walk tonight but I'm nice and stiff and sore. 
I only remembered to track my walk on the way back to the car and even then I got distracted by a church I walk past daily.
I am not remotely religious but I love churches they are gorgeous buildings and this one in particular is stunning. Before we move offices I may have to wander inside the church and have a potter around. We move to a different part of Bristol in just over a week and the new office is in the gorgeous Clifton area so I will share some nice views with you I'm sure. 

This evening me and Rich have had our usual movie night and we watched Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters.
It was a good film and Jeremy Renner is a nice bit of a totty. I am pondering bed soon as I am muchly sleepy but of course I need to write some words that make sense for you guys and enjoy Birds of a Feather.

Food wise it's been another fab day on plan with some gorgeous food.
Guess what I had for breakfast.....I should change it up a bit shouldn't I.....except I do love my dorset simply fruity muesli....and my bran flakes had gone that kinda of horrible that happens when you forget them in your cupboard....
Mid morning snack attack...grapes and coffee....consumed seperately though I do wonder how grapes dunked in coffee would be...
Lunch was mushy pea curry with added courgettes and mushrooms and batchelors curry rice. I haven't had mushy pea curry in ages I'd forgotten how gorgeous it was. I followed this with a bit more superfree. 
Dinner was gorgeous quorn southern fried burgers (5 syns for both) with low low cheese slices (HEA) and a wholemeal roll (HEB). I added 1tbsp of Hellmann's lighter than light mayo (1 syn) and iceberg lettuce and it was gorgeous. It was worth spending 6 syns on dinner it was so naughty without being naughty.
Pudding was a mint chocolate muller dessert (5 syns) taking my total too 11 for the day.

I am out most of the day tomorrow and on the evening so may not get a blog up so if I don't I will double up on Sunday.

Night night all xoxo and enjoy your weekend


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  1. that's a beautiful church, well done on the walk and the food x