Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sleepy girl and weigh in day

Quick update tonight as I am a very tired girl tonight. Work was tiring today as I was trying to do maths again and then we had a tour of our new office which is rather pretty. However I wanted to give an update on weigh in. 

I lost 4.5lbs this week which I am really chuffed with. It feels nice being back on plan and eating good food. I have set myself quite a challenge this year to hit target for our wedding but I want to try my hardest.

Food wise I've had some nice noms today and used the rest of my syns on a takeaway pizza 
Usual breakfast of Dorset fruit with cherries blueberries and a banana.
Mid morning cheese snack (HEA)
Curried vegetable soup and fruit.
Takeaway pizza for dinner taking me up to 105 syns for the week...not something that I will do every week but I enjoyed it. 

Now I'm going to let my dinner go down then curl up in bed and watch some CSI Las Vegas night night all xoxo

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