Saturday, 4 January 2014

Derby day victories and nommy food.

I am a happy girl today thanks to my beloved Arsenal winning the North London derby it's always good to get one over the rivals especially when we do it in style. Apart from that excitement today has mainly been occupied reading or watching cookery shows and drinking coffee.
Due to the lack of doing anything today this will be a short interesting can me reading books and drooling over Paul Hollywoods food be....I did make my own gorgeous food today starting with this beauty for breakfast.
This is a low fat quorn sausage, mushroom and fried egg sandwich which was an HEB and 2 syns as the bread weighed 80g....I had three slices to contain this beauty. I really enjoyed this, the beauty of slimming world is you can have this on plan and lose weight.

Lunch was a useupleftoversconcoction
Doug is clearly interested in my food here, I used up leftover potato which I cooked and mashed and mixed with leeks and an egg and fried. The sketti is my little pony....I love sketti shape it always makes me smile. 
I made baked bean lasagne but added a tin of chickpea Dahl to it and it was gorgeous, I topped with my HEA of cheese. I also used an HEB on a weight watchers petit pain and made garlic bread. I added an additional syn for the butter I used on the bread. To make the garlic butter I crushed some garlic and mixed it into a tbsp of flora lighter than light (1.5) and added some frylight. I rounded it up to 1 syn as shared the butter with rich. It was gorgeous and yet again I loved my meals today. Me and Donna were chatting about how we can go off plan when this sort of food is an option. I wish I knew why I do it when I love eating sw friendly part I guess it's laziness and also not be organised but so far I have not even been slightly tempted to fall off plan. 

I watched Men in Black 2 this evening so kept myself entertained and had some snacks to munch on whilst I watched the movie. 
The danio is 3 syns and the raisins 3.5, the grapes a nice bit of superfree taking my total too 10.5 for the day. 

I'm heading off to bed now too enter dreamland night night all xoxo

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