Friday, 3 January 2014

It's Friday Friday....

Don't worry I will not sing I don't want to torture you all with my appalling voice .) I am just happen it's Friday though this has been a weird week with only two and half days in work I am glad the week is over and plan some much needed sleep and rest.

After yesterday's asthma issues I was hoping today would be a better day but it didn't start well. Firstly I felt rubbish when I woke up problem several snoozes of the alarm. I did complain to Rich that I felt crap too but in fairness he was sleeping. I went to get the bus too work and waited patiently (or not) for the damn thing to turn up. I hate getting the bus as driving is just quicker and easier but Tali is still in the garage whilst they try and fix her...the update today is the part they thought they needed came and they fitted it but she is still poorly. Hopefully she will return Monday.

Without the car it would be a good excuse to walk a bit more and try walking too work Monday but I realised today that my weight gains have impacted more than expected on my back and walking the 10 minutes from work to the bus left me in agony so I'll not try a 4.5 mile walk. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be back to my normal walks and not struggling. I realised today that I'm back to walking like a fat girl more waddling than striding and lots of huffing and puffing. 

Apart from the general broken body today has been good I'm starting to get my head around my job properly at work and enjoying it. This evening we had movie night and watch This is the end which was hilarious. I've got Gordon Ramsey's home cooking on now and it's proper food porn...I'm drooling over some of his food! 

On the subject of food it's been another good day on plan, I am enjoying my food at the moment 
Dorset simply fruit muesli (HEB) with banana blueberries and yogurt.
Mid morning fruit snack
Butternut and sweet potato soup 3 babybel lights (HEA) and fruit.
Mayflower curry (5 syns) with onions courgette and mushrooms, egg fried rice and sw food at it's best! 
Movie snacks mini gingerbread men (6 syns) and a Christmas pudding hifi bar (HEB). My other HEA as used for 350ml of skimmed milk which was added to my coffees and teas during the day. 

I am feeling very sleepy now so going to wrap the blog up and head up to bed soon I think. Night night all xoxo

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