Thursday, 16 January 2014

Is it Thursday???

Today didn't start off too well when i woke up about 6 and my head was banging...not sure why I'm thinking I may just be a bit bunged up in the head but some painkillers and an extra bit of sleep helped change it from banging to dull ache which has refused to go away today.

The day did improve with a nice walk to work gossiping with Jen who had met us on route and what followed was a challenging but good day at work. I am really enjoying my job at the moment its a major challenge for me but the team are fab and the banter is good. I was quite proud of myself after spending 5 hours on an account reconciliation (experts would probably take an hour haha) and getting the figures to match...unfortunately there is more work to come on it tomorrow but it keeps me busy. I also have a bet on with one of the lads on the team over who will finish higher Arsenal or Liverpool....I hope I win otherwise I have to make him a carrot cake....

This evening has been quiet...I've purchased the most epic birthday present for Mitchy and spent the evening watching The Great Sports Relief Bake off which has made me chuckle a lot (for those who have not seen tonights just watch out for some special moments with salt....I can't wait for the new series of bake off its so good and makes me want to go and bake many cupcakes.

I'm going to be heading to bed soon, very confused over what day it is but I have been reliably informed tomorrow is Friday. The weekend is shaping up to be a lot of fun as Saturday I am off out with the girls to see what wedding dresses look like in the flesh (I have found my dream dress but I best check I won't look silly in it) and then a gig in the evening. Sunday is a planned lazy day I love my lazy Sundays where I just relax with the boys.

Food wise I have enjoyed my meals today two days on plan under the belt now and I'm liking it.
Breakfast was standard work food dorset simply fruity muesli bluebs and a nana washed down with the first of many coffees.
Lunch speedy tomato soup followed by fruit.
Hunters quorn fillets with quorn bacon and hea of cheese (1.5 syns) the potatoes were made with a mix of garlic flora lighter than light and fry light (0.5). It was gorgeous.
Bake off snacks hot chocolate (2 syns) nutragrain breakfast biscuits (2 for HEB) danio (3) and bubbly bite (3). I crumbled the biscuits in the danio and it was gorgeous. My total syns were 10 today which I am happy with.

My plan now is to curl up in bed with either my kindle or CSI depending who wins the is likely the book will tonight. Night night all xoxo

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