Monday, 6 January 2014

Monday madness

So today started far too early with Rich's alarm going off at 5.50am....he decided to walk too work and starting at 8 meant he had to get up far too early as its about 4.5 miles (he is slightly madder than me). I eventually rolled out of bed myself and headed for the bus hoping it would be the final day I'd have to do this.

Luckily the car is safely home...though I really am not good with buses and enjoyed a bit of a tour around Bristol by getting on the wrong bus! Thankfully the bus driver was lovely and pointed me in the right direction of the bus I needed and I did get plenty of time to read my book. I am glad to be back to driving as it takes quarter of the time the bus does. Plus its safer as I know what roads to drive down and I am less likely to go the wrong way....this bus jaunt did mean I needed much coffee when I got home especially as I had not used all my milk allowance.
Apart from that mishap work went well today and I should be learning new stuff this week which is always fun. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm excited to see how my efforts have turned out this week....fingers and toes crossed for a loss.

I had some nice noms today nothing fancy but good on plan food.
Dorset simply fruity muesli with banana and blueberries and yogurt...pretty standard work breakfast.
Mid morning grape attack as I got the munchies and there were far too many naughties around to go hungry.
Quorn roast and pickle mini sub rolls (HEB plus 1 syn for the tbsp of pickle and some fruit.
Quorn meatballs with a tomato and vegetable sauce and mountains of pasta which I topped with my remaining healthy A of cheese. 
Rounding my synnage up to 9 for the day I had a warmed muller dessert (5) and a bubbly bite bar (3) with fruit for dipping.

And now it is time to wrestle myself away from Les Miserables and stop trying to hold in a song...but this is a movie that makes me want to sing...and also question why Gavroche is cockney......

Night night all xoxo

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