Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ode to my stomach

In the words of Kelis I hate you so much right now....some of you may not be familiar with this song but its appropriate right now. For those who do not know the song here it is.

Unfortunately I woke up feeling as crap as yesterday just when I thought maybe my stomach liked me again it seems it hates me still so I had yet another day of work. Not ideal considering the pile of work that will be building up but I don't think my team will like me infecting them too. 

My aim for today was to see how I coped with a full day of on plan food and this seemed to work food wise....unsure whether my stomach will appreciate it. The lovely Mitchy kept me entertained during today with our multi platform chats about all things awesome. I also spent the day watching multiple episodes of Friends and cuddling Doug

***Quick nostaligia break there whilst I am discussing the need to go and see the big reunion tour***

Right where was I, okay so food today I started with something nice and simple

Hello Kitty spaghetti on toast. It was nice and just what I needed this morning.

Once I had this I settled down on the sofa and hoped it wouldn't make me regret it. It was lunchtime before I knew it and I decided to have something a bit substantial and had another portion of cous cous quiche and speed soup which was nice and filling

The afternoon was pretty much the same as the morning with a bit of reading mixed in. For dinner we tried a new recipe sticky chicken but with quorn it was tasty and we will definitely make it again

I ever so slightly burnt it but it worked quite well

The quorn was marinated in 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce, 1.5 tbsp honey and 1.5 tbsp with balsamic vinegar. You cook it until the sauce goes sticky. I did mine with some roasted veggies and potato slices. My portion was 1 syn which is just for the honey.

I managed a snack tonight as still had a healthy b left so decided to have peanut butter on toast and it was worth the 8 syns for this as it was gorgeous

I need more peanut butter in future I think it was gorgeous. 

I'm heading off to bed in a bit with my book and I will continue glaring at my gurgling stomach :( night night my lovelies

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