Saturday, 9 February 2013


Forgive me dear readers I was unable to blog last night and I blame it all on this man

Isn't he ruggedly handsome....okay I better stop drooling. Anyway the reason for lack of blog last night was we were caught up watching Thor, if you have not seen this movie I would recommend you do so.even if its just for this hilarious scene

This movie along with hanging with Rich definitely brightened the cloud that's been hanging over my head recently.

I had a good day on plan yesterday starting with something a bit different for breakfast

35g of all bran chocolate crunch with some berries and yogurt. Very tasty and a nice chocolate hit.

Lunch was a superfree fest

I had forgotten how much I loved speed soup it makes so much too so I'm stocked up for a bit hehe. The ryvita minis are a healthy extra and has a nice taste to them.

I was looking forward to dinner as it had been cooking all day in the slow cooker. 

I had some asda meatfree meatballs cooked in passata, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and onions with garlic. All I had to do was cook the pasta and grate the cheese so it was nice and quick when rich got home from work. The whole bag of meatballs is 3 syns and they can make quite a few meals but I was hungry and had half the bag!

After this I fancied something sweet (in addition to Mr Hemsworth) so I brought out the mikado.

I had a mixture of plain chocolate and hazelnut. 

On to today unfortunately I was confined to bed for a bit longer than planned due to a lovely bout of leg pain in the early hours. I haven't had this in a while but unfortunately when it hits I tend to have a dodgy leg all day. Doug has come to bed with us last night and was snoozing so I fired up the kindle and waited a bit longer before going downstairs. I managed to finish my book which was a good read and then worked on getting down stairs which was amusing. I got some good news first thing as well which put a smile on my face. I will share the reason in the next few days.

I was so engrossed in my breakfast this morning I forgot to take a picture but I had two red onion and rosemary sausages with some hello kitty spaghetti shapes, mushrooms peppers and onions. It was yummy! 

I went out after this to get some shopping which included finding some white chocolate mikado which I was very happy about. 

We didn't have much planned today so we just hung out caught up on some TV/Gaming/Reading/Snoring depending on which member of our little family you focused on. 

Lunch was a lazy but good affair, I cooked up some cheese and broccoli pasta and sauce, chucked in some frozen mixed veg and some mushrooms and then added some laughing cow triangles.

It was nice and tasty and filling, it kept me going during my busy afternoon of watching soccer saturday and reading my book. Rich also passed me his Birds of Prey comic which I devoured and before I knew it thoughts were turning to dinner.

Now dinner was epic tonight 

The monster burger was two quorn southern fried chicken style burgers with low low cheese slices and a homemade hash brown. The hash brown was made in my multipurpose waffle maker and turned out well. I grated some potato and onion, squeezed off the excess water and then added some garlic, salt, parsley and an egg. I cooked it in the waffle maker and then put it on top of my burger pile. The whole meal was 5 syns and worth everyone. It felt so naughty but it wasn't. I followed this up with some good old mikado this time a mix of daim, hazelnut, plain and white chocolate

Tomorrow we have a shopping trip to Ikea planned so we many finally get some lampshades in our house. 

Finally a shout out to Rich's dad who is currently poorly in hospital get better soon Nickxx 

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