Thursday, 7 February 2013

Firmly on the bus

As you will know last week was a bit of a bad week by recent standards and I was lucky to stay the same last night. I got slightly complacent last week but won't be making the same mistake this week for sure. I got my focused head back on again and have already prepped dinner for tomorrow night so I am organised.

I have set myself a challenge starting next Wednesday and I hope I can stick to it. I have decided to give up coffee for will know from blogs that I drink a lot of coffee so this may be quite hard going. I was going to give up caffeine but I am just going to switch to green tea. I need to last until the 30th March so keep your fingers crossed I managed it.

Today has been an okay day though my mood is still a bit crashed but it was brighten by chats with Mitchy and my lovely Jen. 

Onto the food of the day

Breakfast was the normal so I added a cute pug dog into it just to add something pretty.

Lunch was speed soup with 3 babybel and fruit

Dinner was a bit different but it was gorgeous, I was in Asda and noticed the quorn southern fried burgers so pulled out my phone to check the syns on the app and saw they were 2.5 each and I decided to give them a go. They were worth it very tasty burgers!

In the pot is mushy pea curry blitzed up so it was a curry sauce. I usually keep it chunky but think I will go for blitzing in future. Rich enjoyed it too after refusing to try it before. I didn't tell him until he had eaten it. The chips were done in BBQ frylight and I had a lot mushrooms. The meal itself was 5 syns and worth it.

I still had a healthy extra left so I decided to have magic waffles again topped with chocolate philli and some fruit on the side.

The philli is 4.5 syns and I used 1/2 syn for the oil bringing me to a total of 10 syns for the day. 

I am happy with how my day turned out one day down and I plan to keep on the bus for the rest of the week to get my sticky!

Night night lovely people xx

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