Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lazy Sunday

At this point on a Sunday I am usually sitting here thinking I need to go to bed as I've got to get up early for work but not this Sunday as I am off tomorrow yay. I have nothing really planned so will spend most of the day doing very little but catching up on my reading and tv. So instead I am sitting here catching up on My Mad Fat Diary and remembered what it was like to be in sixth form!

I haven't done a great deal today...okay that's a small lie I have been semi productive as I made a big pot of speed soup. Though for some reason my soup maker wasn't playing ball....I may have broken it or just put too much in. I am not very good with kitchen appliances I tend to do silly things to cause them to break like I managed to turn my old blender on the other day whilst i was trying to dislodge something with my wooden spoon. Needless to say my spoon broke :( I must learn to be more careful with my kitchen stuff.

Food wise I managed a lovely day on plan and not had any syns either, after the last two days I don't feel like I need them right now. 

Breakfast was originally going to be magic pancakes but I didn't bother making the mix last night and couldn't be bothered with the effort this morning. I decided to make some sweet omelettes instead with fruit and yogurt. They are really simple just egg and sweetener.

I had blueberries, raspberries, apple and kiwi in the fruit mix with a vanilla muller. 

Once Rich got up I decided I need to go out to the shops for some onions....I came back with a waffle maker, some alpen lights, sausages and onions. I seem to be doing well at this shopping malarky I keep forgetting things hence the going to the shops three times in the last three days....must be more organised and try making a list!

Once I got home and squeed over the fact Doug has sat patiently waiting for me to come home (he is so cute!) I decided to make broccoli pizza in an effort to keep boosting my superfree. I used two healthy extras of cheese for it and it was worth it. 

I loaded the top with peppers and mushrooms and some spinach. It was nice and filling but all this effort was tiring so I headed of for a nap.

Once I got up from my nap I had a bath but the bath was a fail...I couldn't get the temperature right and it made me too hot and I didn't stay in there long. 

Dinner was amazeballs I tried the singing swede for the first time and it was yummy and creamy. I had quorn roast (love this stuff) with sweet potato roasties and lots of veggies. I topped it with my syn free gravy and it went down a treat.

After dinner we had to play with my new waffle maker so I prepped up the magic pancake mix I couldn't be bothered to do this morning and served it with a weight watchers dessert yogurt (toffee apple) and more fruit

I think someone wanted to have some of it but considering he has had a dodgy tummy for the last few days he is getting no treats! The mix worked really well in the waffle maker and I think they will be on the breakfast menu in the morning. 

I have also managed to consume my regular amount of coffee and three litres of water.I am rather impressed with myself today.

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