Saturday, 2 February 2013

Date day and night out with friends

Quick blog update for me tonight as I'm sleepy. It's been a fun day full of good stuff and hanging with special people. At Christmas me and Rich decided to buy each other a make your own perfume/cologne day. I would really recommend it, it was good fun creating our own fragrances and mine smells blooming lush! The lady talked us through the way perfume is made up with top, middle and base notes The shop we went to was so cute too

We left with our own individual fragrances and I can still smell mine now. 

Afterwards we went to a little cafe to have lunch before heading home. I was out with friends tonight so I did a few bits before heading out to meet the girls. It's always good fun to hang out with them and it was a nice meal too.

Food wise it's not been 100% on plan but no horrendous either. I started the day with a spinach, mushroom and onion omelette and two Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages.

For lunch I went for a coffee and a cheese salad sandwich. The mars bar was not mine it belong to Richie

On the way home we stopped of at Asda for a few essentials that we couldn't get last night then I fancied an Angelberry. They serve gorgeous fat free (and syn free frozen yogurt)

The chocolate part wasn't syn free but it was a small portion of yum!

Dinner will be a bit food pornish and contain a lot of mushrooms!

Garlic mushrooms on a ciabatta

I then had mushroom alfredo and garlic bread (naughty garlic bread)

I shared the garlic bread with the girls and the mushroom alfredo was gorgeous. A relatively synful meal but slimming world is a life change not a diet. Sometimes you do go out for dinner and have nommy food!

Time for bed for me now, nothing much planned for tomorrow except to make a massive vat of speed soup and relax. Night night all

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