Friday, 15 February 2013

Blog back hole and confessions of a sinner

I have been a bit poor at blogging this week unfortunately me being poor with the blog coincided with some days where I broke the wagon. Not completely but a few very poor choices were made. Let's start with the good stuff look what I got Wednesday night

I lost 1.5lbs this week so got my shiny sticker and I am really proud of myself. 

On to Thursday and I started with the best of intentions

Porridge with berries and a yogurt nice and filling and a cup of decaf coffee.....I gave up coffee for lent and can now add this to the list of things I broke this week...I need my coffee far too much it seems.

Lunch is where things started to go wrong...

It started so well with a portion of cous cous quiche I adore this and I will be making again this weekend. Unfortunately the hunger monster had grabbed me and I decided to pop to tescos

This is where it went wrong...bad choices but it was gorgeous to have a naughty sandwich and chocolate bunny. Even after this I was still hungry I don't know why

So i also had some fruit to try and quell the hunger monster.

Unfortunately Thursday afternoon was exhausting as I had a long meeting to attend so by the time I got home and wrote up the minutes from it cooking was not on the agenda. Dirty pizza was on the agenda though. It was okay I told myself as I could take a flexi day.

I woke up this morning with good intentions, I have a long weekend so once I dropped Rich off at work my plan was to go food shopping and relax. I started with a light breakfast as I was not too hungry

Apple and a weight watchers dessert yogurt. I felt quite good that I had something so tasty and free.

Once I got back home I am not sure what came over me...I crashed off the wagon in the shape of a multipack of crisps and chocolate. I do not know why I did this nor did I enjoy it. I wrote on my sw groups page and confessed what I had done and they were great. One lovely lady reminded me of a quote that our consultant had mentioned about if you drop a mobile on the floor you wouldn't stamp on it and smash it so why do it with the plan. Thank you ladies for your support today it meant a lot. They talked me through this slip and I got straight on the wagon.

I had a late lunch of broccoli pizza full of superfree yummies and it felt really good to have something so healthy

Before I knew it Rich was finished from work so I picked him up and sorted some dinner for him before he headed of to the train station as he has gone home for the weekend to shoot Aliens with his friend. 

Unfortunately the naughty Karen was trying to fight out again and I was going to order a takeaway thanks to Mitchy for talking me down from that and convincing me that the curry I was craving wasn't going to be nice. Instead I whipped up a quick meal of orzo and veggies

I fried off some red cabbage, courgettes, mushrooms and peppers with some garlic and then added this to the cooked orzo. I also stirred in 75g Garlic and Herb Philli and it was gorgeous. I am glad Mitchy talked me out of the bad food.

Once this had been eaten I decided to have something sweet so had some mixed berries and a weight watchers toffee apple yogurt.

I have planned out each meal for tomorrow to ensure I stay on plan and as Rich is away I will be trying a few new things out. I have accepted that the next weigh in may be damaged by the last two days but I am going to work my arse off to make sure I don't cause anymore damage and maybe even work my way back to a loss. 

Again big thankyou to the Withywood and Stockwood group girls you are fantastic and a great support unit and a big thankyou to Mitchy too for keeping me on track and entertaining me with her food porn today. 


  1. You do the same for me my lovely :) Lovely, creamy orzo is much better than stinky fart inducing, greasy nasty curry xxx

  2. It was x I like orzo a lot its pasta but lighter and so yummy xxx