Saturday, 16 February 2013

Working hard

After yesterday's not so good day I decided to try and stay on the wagon today and except for a blip mid afternoon I have done okay. I have also drunk my weight in green tea today I really like green tea. 

As Rich is away this weekend I needed to ensure I was protected from the toilet witch (childhood trauma) and the other monsters and demons and had Doug in the bed with me. I really shouldn't watch Supernatural at night it just gives my overactive imagination more fuel (N.B the toilet witch is the witch who would get you at night if you were not back in bed before the toilet flush had stopped). Unfortunately Doug decided that the neighbourhood was too noisy and it required him barking at it until the noise quietened down. This meant I got woken up far too early for my liking. 

I decided to have a cooked breakfast with as much superfree as I could pack in

I made hash browns with grated potato, onion and just because I fancied it celery. I added an egg and garlic and chucked them into the waffle maker. The sausages are good old rosemary and red onion and the veg mix has mushrooms, peppers and spinach. It was very yummy and felt nice and healthy.

I filled my morning with episodes of Friends and Revenge and generally lazing about. My thoughts soon turned to lunch and I decided to go for something syn free and superfree packed again.

More green tea along with three sweet onion ryvitas and 3 laughing cow triangles. I melted the other two and added some garlic as a salad dressing. It worked well as a dressing and the salad was nice and filling.

Once I had washed this down with more green tea I decided that I wanted to make a cake and had seen a recipe for a 12 syn cake on a facebook group. Unfortunately I think mine went a bit wonky

The topping and middle is made with quark, sweetener and a lemon tart weight watchers yogurt. It is currently sitting in the fridge as I did promise I'd save Rich some and I didn't fancy it in the end.

I had planned to listen to the football (wish I hadn't) and read my book for a bit during the afternoon which I did interspersed with chats with Mitchy about teleporting and what goes on in our dogs heads. I also munched on some berries, grapes and yogurt during this period

There is the old saying whilst the cats away the mice play...well in my case whilst the cat aka rich is away I try things that he doesn't like the sound off and this time it was Aubergine Parmigiana I got the recipe from my lovely friend Miki. I tweaked it by adding courgettes, spinach, peppers and mushrooms. The sauce was made with chopped tomatoes onions and garlic

I put most of the veg on the bottom then I put the sliced aubergine on top and covered it in the tomato sauce. It was gorgeous and I may make it when Rich is around and see if he will eat it. 

I think its now time for more Revenge and then bed hopefully without an early wake up call!

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