Friday, 22 February 2013

The three stages of nom nom

Today's title has been brought to you courtesy of Rich who just explained to me the three stages of dumbass...its something to do with trying to chat to a friend via his gaming mike without a. taking the mute off and b. not connecting it to the wire! He is currently playing Aliens with his mate and they are discussing tactics....which I don't understand but the game is a bit scary! There are Aliens (as in the film with Sigourney Weaver) and they are usually hiding somewhere and then they jump out. Okay so you now have an insight into my world. Doug is snuggled in my slanket and snoring away and I am watching the awesome How I met your mother. We have just finished watching Skyfall which was legen....wait for it....dary! Okay so you may not get that joke if you have never seen How I met your mother but its funny.

Am I rambling? I haven't been in the company of other humans much this week due to my dumb stomach so I may be going slightly mad....

Okay so the boys are now discussing who has a mohawk.....this seems far to complex a game for me so I am going to simpilise it (is that a word) and say big bad aliens go bye bye with guns. Oh and keep running around!

Okay so onto the food of the day I have been working hard at slimming world angeldom and trying to stay firming on the newly created Knight Bus....its purple and has mikado diet drinks and plush sofas that you sink into!

Okay so breakfast was inspired by the lovely Miki who had a scrummy breakfast of beans and spinach on toast. I decided to add some mushrooms to mine and walla

This was gorgeous!! Infact this may have to become a regular not at work breakfast. 

Me and Doug did pretty much what we have done all week sit on the sofa and watch Friends. I also read my book too which whilst I have adored the other Sookie Stackhouse books (aka True Blood for those who watch the show) this one is currently missing the spark. It may be a case of a series going on for a bit too long but I'm going to persevere with it. I got peckish again and it was lunchtime so I got to work on making some noms.

Cous Cous quiche again but with more beans and spinach and some butternut squash I want to call them chips but they were more random bits of butternut squash.

My appetite seems to be coming back because by dinner time I was getting pretty hungry. We had decided on mayflower curry tonight with rice and I packed mine with lots of veggies

I adore mayflower curry its so tasty 28g of powder is 4 syns and I tend to add about 250ml of water as I like it more saucy. The rice was cooked with a curry oxo and I made it pretty in a little round shape. All in all a good and yummy looking meal.

As my appetite seems to be back to normal (touch wood) I had a yummy pudding too. 

Okay so this awesomeness was made as follows

Two alpen bars (HEB) crushed and pushed into a pot then nuked in the microwave for 30 secondsish

I then broke up a big flump (1.5) syns and put that on top of the alpen mix

Then covered it in yogurt and melted choc philli (4.5 syns)

I popped some berries on top and it was gorgeous. I miss nutella so the choc philli does work well but I was informed tonight by my lovely friend charlotte that tesco may do mini pots of nutella she is going to investigate for me 

So thats today done and dusted I think soon I will be crawling to bed with my book and hoping its a darn sight warmer in bed! Stupid -1 winter weather. 

Night night all xx

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