Monday, 25 February 2013

Moo Moo Monday

Regular readers of this blog will know I dislike Monday's I usually wake up far too tired and today was no exception. What made it worse was it was my first day back after last weeks irritating bug so I knew I'd be going back to a massive pile of work. I trotted into work and was right and felt quite deflated almost instantly but I powered through and actually made a dent in the pile. 

Now this will be a short blog as I've currently got Doug sitting on my lap and he is not appreciative of me trying to blog when he wants to snore. I can't resist his cuteness plus The Lost Boys is on tv and that movie is amazing!

Breakfast was a bit of a standard work day fair

40g of Dorset fruit with berries and a shape yogurt. Of course washed down with a coffee how else could I start my day! Once this had been nommed and I chatted to a few people I start working through the stupid mutating pile! Honestly you know the calories in the wardrobe that shrink our clothes well they have friends who increase workloads!

Lunch came rather quickly as I was busy beavering away and I realised that I had left my babybel at home which was rather sad so lunch was missing one item but still was great and filling

A freezer find of broccoli and blue cheese soup plus some plum tomatoes, clementine and apple. The book was for reading now eating incase you think I have gone a bit mad ;).

Once 4 o clock hit I headed home to be greeted by the lovely Doug wanting his walk. We headed out into the nasty cold weather and had a nice walk. Oddly Doug was relatively quiet when we got home and decided he just wanted to snuggle so once I had made some soup for the next few days we did that until we had to venture out to collect Rich from his penultimate dumbass 12-8 shift. I don't like these shifts as I tend to get far too hungry waiting for him to finish and it can be a danger zone but as I am quite in the zone this week I was okay. 

Lunch was a quick meal of cheesy goodness

I cooked some orzo and added to this mushrooms that I had fried off with garlic and some swedish quorn meatballs. I then added garlic and herb philli the babybels I didn't have from earlier and a laughing cow triangle. The meal was 5 syns in total (for the oil and garlic cubes in the mushrooms) and was really tasty. 

Once this had been consumed and I helped Rich setup his laptop again after it had been repaired I needed a sweet treat so went for a rocky road hifi bar. They are so tasty

That's Monday done and dusted and its time for me to head to bed with my book and get some shuteye. I will try and make tomorrows blog more interesting ;)

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