Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I didn't manage to blog last night as I was really tired...had a very exhausting but hopefully the events of the day will be good....didn't help my energy levels though haha. 

First things first I went to weigh in tonight genuinely expecting a gain and was surprised that I stayed the same. I am pleased that my no gains in 2013 is going well so far, Next week I will be losing that lb and getting my shiny sticker!! 

I got to thinking at group tonight about how hard walking through those doors is the first time. I read a thread earlier from a lovely lady who had that battle today. I am really pleased she took the first step. It doesn't get easier when you have a bad week though the scales are like munching demon monsters who want to swallow you but once you had stood on them you realise that they aren't going to eat you alive and sometimes you get a surprise like I did tonight. At the end of the day we are changing our life being on this plan and sometimes life does like to throw us some is how we deal with these curveballs that will influence how things go for us weight wise. I have been guilty of having a blip that turns into a blipful week and before I know it I am yoyoing. I have managed to slightly break this cycle but the next week is going to be important.

I of course have had my treat night and I do think its out of my system. I am focused on the next week and getting a good result next week.

Onto the food I will start with yesterdays food, breakfast was my normal favourite.

Lunch came around quickly

I had a bowl of speed soup, fruit and 3 babybels. I actually love speed soup and it makes so much! Will be making some more this weekend I think and I've got a couple of portions ready in the freezer.

I didn't get home until 6 last night which is unusual for me and once Doug had been walked my thoughts turned to dinner and what I could make that required no real effort. Not surprisingly it had a pasta base.

The sauce was made with onions, mushrooms, garlic, chopped tomatoes and passata cooked until nice and thick. I added two rosemary and red onion sausages and topped it with my healthy extra of cheese It was really nice and filling.

I did fancy a sweet treat after so had a pot...or two of mikado. For some reason I couldn't stop munching them last night. On my third trip to go and get some Doug stepped in and refused to move so he stopped me getting more.

Me + tiredness + slightly bad mood is not good. 

On to today, breakfast was the normal

Lunch was a bit different but a lazy affair too I had some sweet onion ryvita with laughing cow cheese and salad

I had the grapes and orange too but not the apple. 

I am going to draw a line under tonights weigh in and start afresh tomorrow I am in control with the food this week and going out for a good old dance on friday night which will be some good body magic. 

Right I best get to bed now before I fall asleep on the sofa. 

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