Sunday, 10 February 2013

The ikea maze

Today me and Rich did the stereotypical couple weekend activity and went shopping to Ikea for stuff for our house. For Christmas Rich's parents gave us vouchers for Ikea so off we trotted to see what things we could cross of the list. It was a pretty successful shopping trip with the exception of a lovely purple lampshade that hasn't quite worked out as it makes the bedroom very dark and the missing toilet brush...we are not sure where it has vanished too I am pretty sure we had it when we left Ikea.

Whilst we were wandering around we stumbled across these little morsels of decadence.

They were some sort of chocolate fudge brownie goodness and I nommed four of these before I was able to walk away. They were far too good and naughty. 

Unfortunately with work beckoning tomorrow and the ikea extravaganza I am pretty tired so this will be a short update.

Breakfast was something new for me since I started giving sw a serious go. I used to make this a lot but it was laden with fat and general naughtiness but on our facebook group my lovely friend Charlotte posted a recipe up for SW french toast.

It was as simple as my HEB of bread soaked in a concoction made of two eggs, a dash of milk and some sweetener. I added some mixed spice to it too. Once the bread had soaked up the mix I fried it off and then serve with some fruit and a ww yogurt.

Lunch was a late and quick affair, Rich gave me the idea yesterday of putting the remaining hash browns into a bap which I did and added some cheese.

Once I ate that I got to work on cous cous quiche for this weeks lunches (recipe can be found here on the lovely mitchy's blog aka the birthday girl). I chucked some mushrooms, leeks, peppers and broccoli into a frying pan to cook off so I had plenty of sf in there. 

I am really impressed with the end result and looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow.

Dinner was a quorn lentil cottage pie type thing with a carrot and swede mash and a bit more cheese on top.

A nice amount of superfree again I am on a mission with that this week.

I followed this up with the normal sweet treat of mikado but this time added a weight watchers yogurt too.

So that's me done for the evening time for a bit of a Revenge catchup then bed with my book. Night night everyone.

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