Thursday, 22 August 2013

Here we go again

So again I have fallen of the wagon and neglected my blog in the process. I apologise for not being around my head has not been in the game recently and this has resulted in an 11lb gain in two weeks. I am not happy with myself but for once I won't feed myself a doughnut to cheer myself up because the doughnut won't make me happy it will just make me put on more weight.

Last night in group we had the Woman of the year votes....I was very shocked to get a message from my consultant advising I had been nominated. If the person who nominated me is reading this thank you so much for nominating me as it gave me a real boost last night and sorted my head out. The winner is our group Tania is definitely a great representative for slimming world she has followed the plan and looks fantastic for it!

Talking through the reasons I joined and listening to the other nominees really helped. There were tears and hugs and it was great to be involved. We have amazing people in our group and after I did my speech I got some lovely comments. One in particular stood out for me though one lovely lady said she finds me really helpful and I try and motivate people so she wondered why I was struggling. The honest answer is I don't know....something just turned off in my head but last night the lightbulb seems to have turned back on again
What really helped as well with the amount of support I got from my lovely friends shout outs in particularly to Mitchy, Donna Jen and Tracy who are awesome friends
So I drew a line under the last few weeks and made a meal plan (thanks Mitchy for checking it over). I feel in control but this is day one of another new beginning. I have some work to do to fix the damage of the last few months but I feel determined to do this 1lb at a time 1 meal at a time. I do not want to keep 'failing' at this.

So today has not been a busy day I have been off work sick with a bad ear infection (another trip to the doctors tomorrow) so I have spent much of my time reading or watching TV/movies. Infact I watched a good movie today Seven Pounds with Will Smith which I'd highly recommend. 

I also joined a good page on facebook which is very friendly. Whilst I am mentioning pages if you fancy catching up on other bloggers feel free to join our group we are friendly and don't bite.

On to the food of the day
Food Diary


Unfortunately my scales seem to be playing silly beggers so I resorted to something that didn't need to be weighed. I crushed up two alpen lights (HEB), mixed in a weight watchers dessert yogurt (F) and added some strawberries and banana (SF).


I made potato salad (thanks Tracy for the help) for lunch. I cooked off some new potatoes and then added 2tbsp of light mayonaise (4 syns) and two slices of quorn bacon (1.5 syns) and some italian dressing. It made enough for two portions so I allocated 4 syns to the portion for lunch. I also added in some plum tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and served it on top of iceberg lettuce (SF) and had two Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages (F).

Tonight's dinner was inspired by Mitchy' blog and I decided to make burger bake. I cooked off some onions (SF) then added a tin of chopped tomatoes (SF) and some tomato puree. I also chucked in some garlic powder and basil. I then added some of the tomato mix to the bottom of the dish added two quorn burgers on top (1 syn) then added more of the tomato mix. I then topped it with with 45g of feta (HEA) and baked it in the oven for 15 minutes. I served it with some potato wedge type thingums (F) and salad (SF). It wasgorgeous and will definitely make it again


I finished up my food with a bit of a chocolate fest options hot choc (2 syns) 2 alpen lights (HEB) and 6 Mikado (3 syns) taking my total to 10 today.


Lots of water, coffee (HEA) and green tea throughout the day
So thats my day of being firmly attached to the bus done and dusted. Night night all xoxo

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  1. Well done on your WOTY nomination!! I've been well and truly off the bandwagon myself the last few weeks but we're starting a new slimming club at work on Tuesday so hopefully that will sort me out! Hope you feel better soon xx