Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Weigh in....ouch

Well I have been too face the scales tonight and ashamed to admit I have put on 6lbs. I guess it could have been worse but at least that's the scales over and done with and I can draw a line.

________________________________________________ the line.

There was some good suggestions in group tonight and we also did our nominations for Woman of the year. I nominated someone who truly motivates me so fingers crossed they get into the final vote bit. 

Apart from that today has been a quietish day. I was back at work which was a bit of a struggle today as had a bad nights sleep and a bad headache woke me up so an early night may be needed. That's once I've indulged in some Gilmore Girls. I seriously love this show!

Food Diary


There is no picture of breakfast as I got distracted whilst eating it but anyone who follows this blog on a regular basis knows what my normal breakfast looks like. I had Dorset fruit (HEB) with a weight watchers dessert yogurt (F) banana and strawberries (SF).


I managed to remember to take pictures of lunch. The top one is cous cous (F) with roast vegetables (SF) and feta (HEB). The recipe is in the latest Slimming world magazine tweaked slightly because I didn't get any halloumi this week. It was really tasty. I followed this with grapes and melon (SF).


After weigh in my lovely friend Tracy gave me one of the new blackcurrent hifi bars to try (3 syns). I really liked them so will pick up a box at some point.


Dinner was a proper cheese fest tonight and probably too syn heavy but it was good. I cooked off some spaghetti (F) and mixed in some green beans (SF) and some chopped up quorn hotdogs (2 syns). I stirred in a tub of low low (HEA and 6 syns) and 4og of grated cheese (6 syns) taking my total too 17 for the day but it was worth the extra for dinner.

So onto a new week tomorrow and I have got a meal plan for the week. Keep your fingers crossed for a good week

Night night all xoxo

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