Wednesday, 28 August 2013

And the results are in.....

Can I get a drum roll please.......

I have been to weigh in and pleased to announce I lost 7lbs :D I am absolutely over the moon. I am so glad that my hard work paid off and I feel like I have had a great reward for my hard work. For anyone out there struggling I know it is hard to get back on the bus after a bad period but it is so worth it. The keys for me this week have been planning my week (which I have done again for the coming week) and my support network. I have been incredibly lucky to have great friends who have been there for me in particular I want to say a massive thank you to my big sisters from other mothers Mitchy and Donna.

This week they have been amazing, very supportive and geeing me on and I hope I can keep returning the favour for them because  they are amazing. I also want to thank Rich (though he may not read this) for just being there and helping me through the week. Whether your support network is friends, family or your group I think it is a vital part of the success.

So that's the little lovein and celebration done, onto today. As I am not in work and being distracted weigh in day seemed to drag. I couldn't wait till 7 so I could get on the scales and find out my results. I have pretty much been quite inactive today but its been a relaxing day. I spent the morning watching what can only be described as food porn.

The Great British Bake off...I had heard so many people raving about it I decided to check it out and ended up loving it. The first week was cake and the second was bread and it looked amazing. Once I got up to date with this I watched more Luther and painted my nails.
Not a hugely interesting day but I can't really do much at the moment. I am now going to spend some time drooling over Jessie Pavelka.

Food wise I have been on plan and whilst I was conscious about weigh in I didn't starve myself as it's important to stick to the same weekly routine.

Food Diary

Nothing too spectacular for breakfast just a banana (SF) which was all I needed when I got up.


I haven't had an omelette in ages and it went down really well! I cooked off some mushrooms, onions and courgettes (SF) and then added 3 eggs (F) mixed up with herbs and garlic. On top is 40g of cathedral city light (HEB). I followed this up with another banana and some strawberries (SF) in a weight watchers dessert yogurt.


Some people have a blow out/twilight zone period on weigh in day and I used to do this every week. I'd come home from group and shove pizza garlic bread and cheesecake down my mouth. I was lucky and still lost the week after but mentally it did me no good. Treat night would become treat week treat fortnight and before you know it your losing control. For me I need to change my internal brain programming and no longer do the big binges and 'treat' myself because I have lost weight. Instead I will have what I fancy within my syns. This is what I did tonight
 So on the plate is baby spinach and cherry tomatoes (SF) with syn free salad dressing (the kraft french one), potato wedge type thingums (F) and a quorn southern chicken burger tower (HEA, HEB and 5 syns as the burgers are 2.5 each). It felt so good but naughty too although it really wasn't.


I splashed out 3.5 extra syns tonight taking my total up to 13.5 for the day. The kitkat was 5.5 syns and the danio yogurt was 3 syns. The grapes (SF) were a nice little sweet snack too. 


Coffee as normal (HEA) and water. 

Another good day and a cracking end to my first week being firmly planted on the bus. I have set myself a mini goal of losing as much of the remaining 15.5lbs of my gain by the end of September. I want to be back to where I was and getting my shiny stickers again.


  1. I'm so pleased for you - well done! I'm with you on getting back to shiny stickerdom. I've 6.5lbs of my recent gain to lose to get back to where I was, which coincidently was my last award :) I obviously thought I should treat myself when I got there and forgot to stop the treats!

    1. I think I did the same treat week became treat lets put on nearly 2 stone but I have stopped it now because I don't want to go backwards only forwards x we can do it :D

  2. Fabulous loss hun!! Well done :) xx

    1. thanks hun xxx and if I have the right person well done on target :D

  3. That's an excellent result, well done!