Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Back on board with the glittery glue

So despite my promises a few weeks back I have completely neglected my blog recently it has been a bad case of the can't be arsed for no good reason. SW kind of went on the back burner in some senses and particularly this past weekend but boy did I pay for it with a bad stomach. Don't worry though I am back, Mitchy has glued me onto the bus with extra strong glittery glue and I won't be budging.

So just to recap on the past few weeks some of you will already know but I now have a permanent job. The job I was doing as a temp was offered to me as a permanent job and I happily accepted. The money isn't fab however the people are so lovely it helps a great deal. I am beginning to realise that I'd rather go to work and be happy than have the extra money right now. My previous job made me so miserable and I became ill because of it so I am wary about going into that sort of environment again. This doesn't mean I plan on doing this job forever but I am in a good position to progress by working hard. 

This past weekend me and Rich went to Bloodstock which is a really amazing heavy metal festival in the Midlands....we did our form of glamping by actually staying at Rich's parents which meant a comfortable bed, warmth and a shower! Also Doug got to come with us and hang out with his grandparents for a few days. Food wise it was completely off plan it's hard to stay focused at a festival it seems but I enjoyed the tasty food

Here are a few pictures from the weekend

Today had been planned as a lazy day however it didn't turn out quite as planned as we had some builders coming to sort out our kitchen ceiling and then I had shopping to do. I also decided to start Couch to 5k today after being inspired by Mitchy....needless to say it was tough but day one is complete and I didn't complete die! I was very knackered afterwards so a nice bubble bath was in order.

Once I relaxed a bit and unbroke I had to take Doug to the vets for a nail clipping then a stop at Pets at home to take back the clippers we had purchased that didn't do the job. Doug did not enjoy the vets but he enjoyed pets at home as it meant he got lots of attention and some treats. Afterwards we headed to pick Rich up from work getting there a bit early so hung outside 

Food wise I had a full day on plan and enjoyed all my food today

Food diary


Mushroom, courgette and onion (SF) omelette (F) with my 40g of grated low low (HEA)


Orzo (F) with courgettes, mushrooms and onions (SF) and a tub of low low (HEB x2)


Batchelors savoury curry rice (F) with cauliflower and green beans (SF) and Kofta quorn meatball curry (mix of F and SF). The curry is gorgeous and I've made it a free times. It's really simple the sauce is made from passata with added garlic and onion granules a tsp of tumeric, 2tbsp of curry powder and a tsp of sweetener. You bring the sauce to the boil then add the meatballs and simmer for 15 minutes. 


Blueberry Danio yogurt (3 syns) and 14 mikado (7 syns).

It's weigh in tomorrow and it's unlikely to be pretty but at least I am back on track and will keep losing and not deviating.

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  1. Hi Karen, well done for getting back on track. Love the look of your meatball curry. Also loving Doug :)
    Lorna x