Tuesday, 30 July 2013

'Twas the night before weigh in....and all remains well

So after my dimwitted day yesterday I was hoping when I got up this morning not only would I feel more human I would else have less than a dimwitted day. Unfortunately I'm still feeling rough and managed to try and open the front door without taking the chain off and then leave the car keys in the car door instead of putting them in the ignition....an important factor when you want to drive the car. I did manage to drive myself into work and parked up. I generally park about a 10/15 minute walk away so I wombled my way down to work and spotted this

A row of red bull cars...not a normal thing to see in the morning especially in a hotel carpark. Maybe there was some sort of energy drink convention going on. 

Apart from the bizarre start to the day it turned into a good day. As I have said before I am enjoying my job and the people I work with. I was told today that I had received some really good feedback and as a reward I got this

I've read the instructions and they seem easy enough so hopefully I won't kill it (Rachel Reeves if your reading this hun you will know I always try not to kill plants....even if they are plastic ones). 

Before I get into the food of the day I just wanted to discuss my lovely Mitchy with you. 

The scales have been evil to her recently as you may know if you follow her blog (The slimmingworld files) yet she never deviates from the plan. She never has a f@#k it day where she goes off plan despite this and today got rewarded with a 9lb loss. People will ask her what her secret is and there is none its all in the book. I am so proud of her not just because of the amazing figures on the scales but her sheer willpower and determination to stick to it when the scales are evil. For anyone struggling to stick on plan just read through this lovely ladies blog it will inspire you. 

Food diary


Nothing too unusual today dorset simply fruit muesli (HEB) with strawbs and banana (SF) and a yogurt (F).


Grapes (SF)


Sandwich made with with nimble bread (HEB) quorn ham (F) and a laughing cow triangle (1.5) along with some baby sweetcorn, sugar snap peas and mange tout (SF). I was still peckish after so had a fruit pot which had watermelon, blueberries, grapes, pineapple and melon in it (SF).


Red onion and beef style quorn burgers (F) in a wholemeal bap (5 syns as weighed 50g) and three slices of low low burger slices (HEA). I served it with SW chips (F) onions and mushrooms (SF) and the asda beetroot salad (SF).


Strawberries (SF) with yogurt (F) and 10 mini meringues (1.5)


I had 4 litres of water during the day along with coffee using 350ml of skimmed milk (HEA)

Another day done and dusted and I have weigh in tomorrow night. I hope the scales are kind.

Night night all xoxo


  1. Aww Lovely, you is making me all teary again. Your support is invaluable you know, always knowing you're there at the end of the phone is priceless.
    Love you millions xx

    Have a unicorn xx

    \ ) _( /{
    !|| " :||
    !|| :||
    ct ''' '''

  2. Lol, that Red Bull is baad news!! Is the Primal/Paleo diet popular where you live? We don't have SlimmingWorld here in the U.S., but I know with the faux meats and fruits, I would be induced to binge (I used to be vegetarian). I love your Wonder Woman mug :)

    1. not heard of it hun x so maybe no but then im not sure

  3. Your dessert looks beautiful!
    Good luck for weigh in!! :)


  4. I hope the scales were good to you hon, you deserve it x