Monday, 29 July 2013

A special kind of day....subtitle me being a dimwit

Today I have been a special type of dimwit I have managed to break my fork whilst eating my lunch....and sending the pointy bits flying across the break room. I tried to open a door without swiping my pass. I forgot to log out of break so sat there wondering why I was getting no calls through and finally and possibly the most idiotic I poured water over myself. I know I wanted a drink but I didn't need to wear it!

I should have guessed that there may have been something wrong as when I got home from walking Doug I suddenly felt unwell and got ordered to go sit down and rest by Rich. Not sure what is up except for feeling like my battery has drained. Hopefully with a good nights sleep it will pass! Due to this I'm going to make this a short blog tonight.

Food Diary


Overnight oats with layers of porridge oats (HEB) banana, kiwi and strawberries (SF) and yogurt (F).


Grapes (SF)


Breakfast quiche (mix of 1 syn, F and SF) and rice salad (SF and F)


Courtesy of my lovely Rich and his help keeping me on plan despite feeling rubbish. It is courgettes, onions and mushrooms fried off then added to pasta. He stirred in a tub of low low (HEA and HEB) and then he topped it with 25g of low fat cheese (4 syns). It was gorgeous you can't fault cheesy pasta especially when its lovelingly prepared by your other half  


Nice nana and low fat chocolate mousse (3.5) taking my total to 8.5 for the day.

I am now heading to bed to get rid of the ick feeling for another day tomorrow

Night night all xoxo

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