Friday, 26 July 2013

Fancy a I have an apple....a story of a girls battle against the monsters of the biscuit kingdom

Don't worry I won't sing the song...I am just happy it's Friday! I have a weekend full of puppy sitting a gorgeous pug and celebrating my lovely Jen's birthday. Today has been a pretty good uneventful day. Work was relatively quiet except for the final hour and once we were free from work we had boring chores to do namely go shopping but we did pick up  new bed for Doug after I ruined the other one...

This evening we have settled down to our Friday routine of a movie and seeing as I am feeling in control I didn't even feel the need to go mad on the sweet treats. I just hope this saintliness continues for the rest of the week but so far day 2 of being on the purple bus is complete and has been a success.

Food Diary


Breakfast deja vu but I do love Dorset simply fruity muesli (HEB) this time I had some frozen summer fruit and a banana (SF)  along with yogurt (F)


It's shopping day so we were dangerously low on supplies so I had an apple (SF) 


Salad (SF) with quorn roast fillets (0.5 per half pack). The quorn roast fillets are a new discovery for me and they are really tasty. I was on a different lunch than my workmates today so I used to time efficiently by reading.

Mid afternoon snack

My friend Claire came to the rescue mid afternoon when the munchies happened and the only available food appeared to be biscuits. I had spent most of the day ignoring the biscuits even when I was teased by the three people on our pod who were showing me the biscuits whilst on a call. I managed to resist and polished my halo by taking Claire up on her offer of an apple (SF)

Cue picture of another apple....


Look who has decided to make an appearance tonight after my food as normal. Tonight I decided to make Mitchy curry (called this because the lovely Mitchy gave me the recipe and whilst I have adapted it mainly because I keep forgetting to get the yogurt it will forevermore be called this). Now imagine my excitement tonight when I realised I still had an HEA and HEB left! I decided to have some nimble (HEB) with 1 level tbsp of flora extra light (1.5) to go with the curry. The curry is so simple it is a can of chopped tomatoes (SF) a can of chickpea dahl (F if using a syn free one like asda's) and curry powder to taste. You just mix that together. I added mushrooms and courgettes (SF) to mine whilst Rich had some chicken. I made the sw chips to go with it (F) and it was gorgeous. I certainly enjoyed the bread and used it to great effect mopping up the sauce.

As I had an HEA left also I had a monster coffee made with 350ml of skimmed milk (HEA) and the douwe egberts chocolate coffee (F)  which is gorgeous. It's by far my favourite out of the flavoured coffees.

Movie snack

Whilst I managed to resist the biscuits during work hours I did pick up a pack of oreo cookies to have during our movie. One oreo biscuit is 2.5 syns and there are two in the pack. The banana (SF) and tootsie roll (2.5) were yummy too and took me to a nice total of 9.5 syns for the day. 


My usual bucket load of coffee using 350ml of skimmed milk throughout the day (HEA) and about 4 litres of water again I lost count but I had many visits to the throne of contemplation so I guess I drunk a lot. 

All in all I am super proud of myself as this is day 2 and okay its only been two days but there was massive biscuit shaped temptation all day which did include gorgeous shortbread and a vending machine stocked with crisps and chocolate but instead I had apples which are much nicer....honest! Okay so tonight I may dream I am being chased by biscuits but it will be funny and possibly less disturbing than some dreams I could have.

Night night all xoxo

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