Saturday, 27 July 2013

Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pugathon.....and rain

I guess today we got what we have been wanting the rains came...stupid wet rain that hasn't really cooled down the temperature a great deal though the thunder that seems to be brewing may help a bit. 

Today has been a relatively busy day in the Cadman Pursey householdas we have had an adorable houseguest in the shape of another pug my friend Elizabeth's little man Dudley

It's been pretty fun having two pugs around the house, lots of cute running and playing. Rich helped me with walking duty today as we didn't know how it was going to be walking two dogs....Doug was his normal angelic self and Dudley was funny he kept jumping about and generally enjoying the walk. We did just over a mile with the boys and they seemed to enjoy it

Once we got back we settled down for a bit of a rest before I went out, Rich has been successfully playing his game x-com and the boys helped him out strategising.

This evening I popped out for a few hours to celebrate the birth of my lovely friend Jen which involved me making a deadly cocktail for her and hopefully her head won't be killing her tomorrow. I have a feeling my hen do with be the night of her revenge!

Food wise I am still in control and feeling good about it! Some of the food I have had today makes me happy to be on slimming world right now.

Food diary


Slimming world fry up with quorn low fat sausages (F) quorn bacon (1.5 for two slices) mushrooms and tomatoes (SF) and moshi monsters spaghetti shapes (F). I also had some toast on the side (HEB) which went down well.


An old favourite orzo (F) with half a tub of low low (HEA) stirred in and onions, mushrooms and courgettes (SF).


A bowl of strawberries, banana and grapes (SF) with a yogurt (F)

Dinner part 1

Two quorn red onion and beef style burgers (F) on a white roll (7.5) and tomato sauce (1) and two tomatoes (SF). I went for worst case scenario on the roll even though it was a small one.

Dinner part 2

Once I got home I was still a bit peckish and had another HEB left so decided to have some cheesy chips (F and HEB)

So naughty yet not naughty. It definitely hit the spot. Syn wise I had 11.5 syns today so slightly over the 10 I normally like to have but it was worth it.


Multiple coffees with skimmed milk (HEA), water and pepsi max.

Three days on the trot on plan now and feeling nicely focused. Already looking forward to the scales this week!

Night night all xoxo

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