Sunday, 14 July 2013

Holibobs gorillas and miles and miles of walking

Good evening everyone and I hope your enjoyed this sunny weather and not melting! Yet again I have not blogged for far too many days so I will catch you up first on weigh in.

I was not feeling confident but lost 1/2lb which I was happy with and a tad surprised about. Recently my head has been struggling with the plan but I am feeling quite a lot more motivated now. 

I am going to skip ahead to Thursday now and the day I finally got to meet Mitchy. I am gutted that due to my dumbass allergies I couldn't spend longer with her but I had an absolutely fabulous time and was so happy we got on as well in the flesh as we do via text etc. Thursday night we just hung out and chatted. I also got to meet the lovely Hague who is wonderful :D

On Friday we decided to venture into Norwich and see the gorillas and I am so proud of our achievements we saw 38 gorillas (I think that was the final total) and walked 9.68 miles. Our feet were tired and sore but neither one of us died on this epic walk which is a major non scale victory for us both! This time last year this walk would have been impossible.

Here are some of my favourite gorillas

Whilst we explored Norwich we did stop for a few breaks which included

Pimms by the river
Lager another river or the same river I think its probably the same river but in a different part. We also went to a wonderful vintage teashop called Biddys tearooms. If you are in Norwich or close to it I would recommend you go its gorgeous.

Very naughty food but oh so gorgeous. We decided to pick up some vegetarian bento boxes from Yo Sushi on the way home as we knew we would be tired and the boxes were gorgeous and very low syn
Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty unwell and decided to head home after a short walk down to the beach Mitchy and Doug....the short walk turned into a four hour trek around Great Yarmouth and several more miles walked but I'm so glad I got to spend the time with Mitchy exploring her home town. 
We started with breakfast (which I didn't actually take a picture off) but it was a yummy fry up with beans mushrooms hash browns and toast. Doug also had a breakfast of sausage and some bread. 

We wandered along the seafront a bit more and stumbled into another tearoom but in our defence is was very hot and we were thirsty and a bit peckish
We did some shopping which included me trying to find a toy duck with our names on it but only coming away with Richard's name and two with funny things on them. We decided to get the landtrain back along the seafront 
We stopped for a quick refresher once we got off the train
and Doug had a bit of a play

I will be heading back to Yarmouth as soon as possible for another holibob!

Today I woke up and got right back on the purple slimming world bus. I have had a bit of a lazy day except for wandering to the fruit market to have an explore and pick up some bargains which included these yummy strawbs
Food wise I have enjoyed my noms a lot today
Breakfast - dorset fruit muesli with grapes and an apple and a yogurt.

Lunch - baked sweet potato with mushrooms and courgettes cooked off and 4 blue cheese laughing cow stirred in. I had some beetroot salad from asda which is syn free and gorgeous! I followed this up with banana and strawberries in yogurt
Snack - grapes and 3 babybels 
For dinner Rich requested Big mac in a bowl which is gorgeous!
For pudding I decided to have an eton mess thingum
I stirred in (I means Rich in this case) white chocolate options and sweetener into quark added some strawbs and 10 mini meringues for 1.5 syns. The mini meringues are made by Lees and you can get them in asda. 

I don't go back to work until Wednesday so tomorrow I think I'm going to go and hunt some gromits and meet Jen for lunch. 

Night night all xoxo

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  1. We really did have the best time :) Can't wait for you to head back xx