Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Very lazy day

After yesterdays exertions today was declared a day for doing very little except for sitting and watching some bad movies. I didn't even venture outside much except to take Rich to and from work as it is too hot for me. Due to this today's blog won't be the most thrilling as I have literally done so little. The movies I watched weren't anything to write home about either just cheesy rom com's. This is today's view

Doug sleeping me watching a movie called Labour Pains.

Food wise it's not been a hungry day today but a thirsty one due to the heat. I normally have a decent sized breakfast but this morning I just had a banana

Lunch was a low effort cheesy orzo dish with a tub of low low onions and mushrooms

Dinner tonight was a new thing for us as I decided to get some haloumi

You can have 35g for a healthy b so I used two b's worth. I skewered mine with mushrooms, onions and courgettes along with the haloumi. Rich had his with pork. The rice is Batchelors savoury rice and the dish was gorgeous. I need to get haloumi more often and experiment with it. 

For pudding I had bananas strawbs and mini meringues again with a yogurt

All in all a good food day. I am back to work tomorrow, it's also weigh in and me and Rich are going to the cinema so I may not do a blog if we get back too late but hopefully I will.

Night night all xoxo

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