Saturday, 20 July 2013

The catchup conundrum

I seem to be doing this a lot lately, missing a few days of blogging then having to catch you all up. In my defence we didn't get in until 2 on Friday morning and I was tired last night due to this. So I will do a quick catch up for you all on the last few days.

So Thursday was a bit of a manic day due to our movie marathon. Work was good fun (yes you read those words I am really enjoying my temp job and working with nice people again) even if I did have some not so happy people on the phones. The money isn't great but sometimes its more important to be happy in work :D

On the evening me and Rich went to the movies to see the blood and ice cream aka the cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the dead, Hot Fuzz and the premier of The Worlds end).

I adore Simon Pegg (my future husband) and shaun of the dead is one of my all time favourite movies so it was fab to see all three back to back. We got out of the cinema at just after 2am and headed home. 

Food wise I had nothing spectacular but good on plan noms

Dorset fruit muesli with banana and strawbs

Mid morning grape snack

Cheese salad (honest there is some cheese in there)

Quorn chill with mushroom rice

Movie snacks

Friday morning I woke up after not enough sleep and headed to the doctors with Rich. As I had left later I had my breakfast in the car whilst waiting for him

Dorset fruit muesli again with strawberries

Lunch was a feta salad which was pretty nice. We ate our lunch outside as it was one of the girls birthday.

Dinner was curry which was a bit of a fail in 2 senses one no picture and two it wasn't that nice.

So thats you all caught up I will blog later about today


  1. Oh wow, my 4YO would go crazy if he saw the giant Minion! Is that at the Longwell Green Vue cinema or the one at Cribbs Causeway? :)

  2. Brilliant - that's much nearer to us! Thanks! :)