Sunday, 21 July 2013

Supersize vs Superskinny and domesticity

If anyone has watched Supersize vs Superskinny recently you will know about the concept of the show and some of the special segments they do. Part of their regular show is going to America and visiting what is dubbed the fattest town. The one this week actually shocked me...I've seen it before I know the stories but seeing the sizes of a coffin including one that was for an 18 year old who died at over 600+lbs. It really got to me this morning and made me think about where I could end up if I fall too far of the bus. Being healthy has many benefits and I want to enjoy them for a long time.

It's not so hot here today so I decided to have a bit of a cooking session, I made up some cous cous quiche a breakfast quiche and some red onion chutney. Pealing and chopping 1kg of red onions was not fun! 

The chutney was really tasty and simple to make. You chop the onions and to this you add 300ml of cider vinegar, 100ml balsamic vinegar and 5tbsp of sweetener. You bring it to the boil then simmer for an hour (longer for me it seems though). The end result was gorgeous.

The breakfast quiche was a wonderful idea inspired by Mitchy as my scales seem to have broken :( this is not a good thing and Rich is being dispatched tomorrow to get me a new battery.

The quiche has linda mccartney sausages on the base then mushrooms, onions, spinach and peppers and some quorn bacon. I also added 5 eggs and it will do me a couple of breakfasts.

Food wise I have had some good noms today

SW friendly fry up with quorn low fat sausages quorn bacon plum tomatoes and mushrooms and an iced coffee.

Lunch was a broccoli pizza...but I added a bit too much tomato! I also added mushrooms, peppers and topped it with cheese.

Dinner was two quorn chilli and lime fillets, haloumi, red onion chutney curry rice and salad. It was gorgeous I'm really loving haloumi at the moment!

I may have a Fab ice lolly later but right now I am just guzzling water and about to settle down and watch Supernatural <3 

Night night all xoxo

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