Sunday, 28 July 2013

Purple potatoes - tales from the brown sofa

My plan for this evening was to get this blog done much earlier however I continue to be distracted by The White Queen which I have finally got around to watching and got very quickly hooked on. It is a period of history I do not know a great deal about but I can see myself getting quite hooked on it. 

Today has been quite a lazy day I got up and sorted the boys out and laughed as they began they first of many wrestling matches. Doug seems to have got used to having Dudley here and was having great fun playing. We took the boys out for a nice walk this morning then spent the rest of the day cuddling and playing.

Apart from that I did plan to do some reading today though didn't get as much done as I planned as kept getting distracted/

I have managed another good day on plan despite having a minor issue with an evil little devil trying to convince me that I wanted takeaway. Luckily the angel on the other shoulder kicked the devil off and I did not even succumb so I can polish my halo.

Food Diary


An aldi sub roll (HEB plus 1.5) with two slices of low low cheese (HEA) quorn sausages (F) and mushrooms (SF). I love the sub rolls and they make a good breakfast sub.


Mushy pea curry (mixture of F and SF) with added plum tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and courgettes (SF) and Batchelors curry rice (F).


Yogurt (F) with strawberries, bananas, grapes and kiwi (SF)


Much better than a takeaway pizza anyday and yes you do spot something purple. I had to get some purple potatoes after having them at Mitchy's and they were yummy

So for dinner I had three linda mccartney rosemark and red onion sausages (F) broccoli, cauli, green beans and carrots (SF) and purple mash (F) with bisto best onion gravy (1.5)


Peanut butter (6) and Banana (SF) on toast (HEB). The low fat PB is 4 syns per level tbsp so I had a tbsp and half.


Along with about 4 litres of water I had coffee using skimmed milk (HEA) and a sugar free monster.

Four days of being good under my belt and back to work in the morning. I've got my noms prepared and remembered to pack my cutlery.

Night night all xoxo

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