Monday, 8 July 2013

Sunny Monday

Normally Monday's fill me with woe as it means the end of the weekend and the doom of work but firstly it is sunny today (sunny in England is such a rarity that when it does appear we worship it!) and secondly I actually like working at the moment. It's actually a relief to work for a decent company with lovely people. In addition I only had three working days this week before I head off to Great Yarmouth for my Mitchycation!

Rich is on 8am starts this week so when the alarm went off and caused me much pain...not sure if Dethklok is the best alarm music....I got up did my normal morning routine of zombie walking downstairs to see Doug and then getting ready for work. On the way into work I realised that whilst I had my lunch I didn't have the necessary utensils so had to make a pitstop on the way to get coffee and utensils....this wasn't a successful trip as you will discover when it comes to lunch.

I was out of training today so spent a few hours this morning listening in on a colleagues calls and doing a few with him buddying me before I decided to get brave and try it on my own. It was a bit nervewracking at first but I got into the swing of things and the day flew by. The weather was still gorgeous when I got home from work too so I took Doug out for a walk and then came home with the desire to sort out the tupperware cupboard. Does anyone know why I end up with more lids than tupperware?? It's all tidy now though how long it will last is another matter as I sure we will get lazy again and just chuck it in but at least for now I can find the right tupperware boxes! 

Food wise it's actually been a good day with some nice noms

Dorset fruit muesli with strawberries and yogurt.

Lunch was a quorn roast salad with a side of melon. I expertly managed to eat my salad with a spoon! This was because when I went to get some utensils there was no forks so it took all my skill to eat it without dropping stuff. I have prepared better for tomorrow and made sure my fork was in the lunch bag!

I have two breaks now (morning and afternoon) so took some extra food to snack on

Dinner was yummy but slight hazard....did you know that a slightly damp towel and a hot pan = burning? No neither did i!

Under the mound of cheese (two healthy extras worth) was quorn meatless meatballs in a tomato sauce. I fried off some onions and garlic adding some parsley and then added some passata and chopped tomatoes and sweetener and cooked this for 20 minutes. I cooked off the meatballs in the meantime. Once the sauce had cooked for a while I cooked off the pasta and combined the two. It was really tasty and the sauce had a lot of flavour.

I finished the night with a banana toffee activia yogurt with some mikado and grapes

I am all prepped for tomorrow so I am now going to relax in front of the tv and curl up with Doug. He has insisted he models for a few pictures for you tonight

Night night all xoxo

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  1. I always have more tupperware than lids....oddness indeed!!