Saturday, 20 July 2013

Double dose

Evening everyone decide I should be productive and get this blog up before I head to bed. Yet again we have another hot day in Bristol and it doesn't seem to be letting up. I'm not a huge fan of the heat and do prefer the cold so hopefully the temperature will drop a bit soon.

Once I got up this morning I had to go out and do the weekly shop which I really couldn't be bothered to do but needs must. I headed to our local asda and managed to come out with only one item missing mainly because I forgot it until I got to the till and couldn't find the right aisle quick enough even though I did seem to be on the slowest till going! I appreciate people like to chat but it was getting silly. This heat does make me a bit grumpy. 

I haven't had an awfully productive day instead choosing to catchup on the TV thats sitting on the sky + box and texting Mitchy and Donna during the day. I managed an impromptu nap which was so unplanned i fell asleep whilst watching a show. I didn't sleep long enough clearly as Master Doug decided it was time to get up at stupid o clock (well before 8 which is silly on a weekend). I did manage to read a bit more of my book, I am currently multi tasking reading both the latest House of the night book and the first in the Game of thrones series which I am enjoying.

Food wise it's been an okay day used syns on crisps as had a real craving for them. 


Aldi sub roll with linda mccartney italian sausages (0.5 each), mushrooms and low low cheese slices. The extras spilled out onto the plate and it was a fab start to the day.


Cheesy orzo with mushrooms, courgettes and onions. Pretty standard lunch for me but I love it! 

For dinner we decieded to have a BBQ as the weather was so nice so out came our little BBQ 

Rich had a bit of a meatfest whereas I had quorn red onion and beef style burgers and the low fat quorn fat sausages. We also BBQ'd some haloumi.

It was gorgeous food and I made sure I also picked up some beetroot salad at Asda. 

Going to try a different dinner tomorrow which may or make not work but it's fun to experiment. I am now going to finish watching the Being Human US finale then probably bed as tiredness has hit again.

Night night all xoxo


  1. Love your lunch, can you share the recipe please

    1. it's really simple I cooked off the mushrooms courgettes and onions cooked the orzo and stirred in the low low then combined it all x

  2. Your food looks nice today karen.