Sunday, 7 July 2013

Unofficial awol

Looking at the date of my last blog I have been very slack recently so I thought I'd do a quick catchup blog with some of the highlights of this week.

As you will remember I started my temp job this week the company seem really good and the three other temps I joined with are really lovely. Unfortunately being back into the working routine and doing a weeks intensive training as left me pretty sleepy in the evenings so the blog fail by the wayside. I promise this week I will do better though as of Thursday I will be away seeing my lovely Mitchy in Yarmouth. We have an awesome weekend planned and I cannot wait :D

So what else has been happening, well last Saturday morning me and Rich headed up to the Midlands to spend the day with his parents as we were heading to Silverstone the next day. Doug had a sleepover at my lovely friend Elizabeth's house (thankyou again hunni and for keeping me updated on my baby)

This is Doug with his friends Noodles and Dudley.

So whilst Doug was relaxing with friends me and Rich were enjoying a gorgeous BBQ and some yummy beer (It's Iron Maiden beer!!)

I have a slight bit of BBQ envy and it will be clear why later on..

On the Sunday we were up and out of the house by 6.30am which is evil on a Sunday but boy was it worth it. We went to the British Grand Prix which was an absolutely amazing experience! My first comment is how loud it is! Seriously you cannot comprehend just how noisy the cars are but it was fantastic and got your addrenaline going. It has made me relove formula 1 after many years away.
I had a big gain again at slimming world this week which I admit to being confused by as I certainly don't feel like I have put on over half a stone! 

Other highlights of the week was being seriously! We went for a wander during our lunch break to a food market and got an onslaught of cakes and smelly things
Friday I went around to a friends house for dinner, she follows slimming world so we had an on plan meal and a yummy dessert
This is pineapple eton mess which was yummy! 

Yesterday me and Doug went on an adventure. There are 80 Gromits in Bristol for the children's hospital appeal and we went out to see how many we could find. We walked five miles and whilst we were knackered it was great fun
The weather is gorgeous at the moment so we took adventure of it by being out and about and then decided to be like everyone else in our area and have a BBQ and now you will see why I have BBQ envy
Today I have been mostly watching the German Grand Prix and then the Wimbledon men's final (yay Murray).

I will resume normal food picture service tomorrow so for now bye bye xoxo

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