Monday, 15 July 2013

Sunny day adventures

Today was another lovely hot day so what did I decide to do...yes more adventures with Doug! You would think after much walking over the weekend I'd take it easy today but nope....

Now the speed is not accurate there is no way I can walk that fast but the mileage is. We went on a hunt for more gromits and here are some of my favourites from our adventure.

I had made plans to meet my lovely friend Jen for lunch so me and Doug stopped our epic adventure at the 5 mile mark and headed to the pub to meet here. You cannot beat sitting by the riverside on a sunny day.

Jen gave me an awesome present which is now adorning one of my bags, how cool is this!!

Other than that we had a relaxing afternoon as it was hot and we were both knackered. I did stumble across some low syn ice lollies which are 2.5 syns and very yum

Food wise it's been a good day with the exception of lunch

Breakfast was dorset fruit muesli with strawberries and a banana and a cup of warm water with lemon

Lunch was a mushroom and cheese panini

Dinner I decided to make babybel burgers with Linda McCartney sausages again. You just defrost the sausages and mould them into a burger shape around a babybel..

After this I had a Fab which didn't really silence the hunger monster that hit so I also had a bowl of fruit with yogurt 

Not too bad a food day, tomorrow I am planning a lazy day so hopefully I won't have the attack of the hunger monster.

Night night all xoxo

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