Thursday, 29 August 2013

Perched on the throne of insight into the day to day life of a sw nut

Now anyone on plan will know that one of the joys of slimming world is the seemingly hourly visits to the porcelain throne. I seem to have spent more time wandering there today than ever but that is just a good sign that the plan is working and I am drinking a nice amount of water. Welcome to a typical day in the world of slinkygothgirl ;) yes discussing toilets.

Apart from the visits to the porcelain throne today has been another lazy day. I finished up watching Luther so may see what else is on offer via Netflix tomorrow. Doug has also had a lazy day

I have also spent quite a lot of time today discussing exercise clothes with Mitchy as it is important to look right ;) I need to invest in some new trainers unless I can find the ones I own somewhere in this house. I suspect they are in the room of doom aka our spare room that remains as it was when we moved in....we really need to sort it out one day but we need shelving things first.

You may not be surprised consider my recent blogs to hear the words....another day glued to the bus. Although I wouldn't blame you if you did wonder as there were the yoyo weeks before it went really wrong but I woke up this morning feeling like Supergirl and knowing that it will be another good week for me! 

Food Diary

Breakfast was gorgeous today, I cooked low fat quorn sausages (F) and mushrooms and put them inside an egg wrap with cheese (HEA). The egg wrap is basically a thin omelette and can be made sweet or savoury and I have seen people making sandwiches from them. 


Lunch was also yummy, I had curry loaf (F) with a baby spinach and cherry tomato salad (SF) along with a jacket potato (F) baked beans (F and wind making) and cheese (HEB). I was still in need of something else after this and fancied some did someone else.
He had already had some melon but insisted on putting his nose right by mine fruit. In the batman bowl (how cool is this bowl it comes from an awesome shop in Great Yarmouth where Mitchy lives) is melon and strawberries (SF).

Proper comfort food tonight and only 1.5 syns were harmed in making this meal.On the plate is rosemary and red onion sausages (F) sweet potato mash (F) aunt bessies carrot and swede mash (F and SF), Peas (F), broccoli and green beans (SF) with 2tsp of roasted onion gravy made with water (1.5). It was gorgeous though I don't think Rich was so keen on the amount of veg he had to eat tonight but it's good for him!

Originally I went to the kitchen knowing I still had an HEB left and at least 8.5 syns. I had thought about PB on toast earlier in the day but opened the big cupboard and was momentarily swayed by the sight of my crisps. Now any regular followers know that crisps are an issue for me. I can't stop at one packet and normally end up binging on them. I pull one bag out and popped it on the side whilst i assembled the rest of my snack and then changed my mind and the crisps went back. This is a big thing for me and it's nice to feel controlled over them. I may see how long I can resist them (it's been a week so far) before opening the bag. Instead I went for peanut butter (1 1/2 tbsp for 6 syns) on toast (HEB) there is also 2tsps of flora extra light (1 syn) and it was gorgeous. I am glad I went for the PB in the end.


Little bit of a change today...yes there as coffee (HEA) but there was also green tea to go with the water and pepsi max. Isn't my green tea mug cute!
So another day done and dusted....lets see what excitement tomorrow brings :) I am sure I will be contemplating wisdom...I really need to move more books into the toilet.

Night night all xoxo

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