Saturday, 31 August 2013

A day of doing not much at all

Today has been a declared lazy day with the only outside activity was a mission to get frylight (why do we always go shopping and forget something). I have pretty much have done much sitting and bubble bathing.
 Except that I have spent most of the day chatting to friends, watching 24 (thanks again WLB) then watching X Factor and gossiping about this with friends. Not the most active day but it worked well for me. 

I also had a slight case of the green eyed monster as my lovely friend Liz met the gorgeous Jessie Pavelka today and she sent me this.
This will be getting pride of place on my fridge! Her timing was impeccable too as I was beginning to feel a slip in my control. The little monster inside start to rear up but I tamed it thankfully. I don't like feeling out of control it can be quite a challenge to ensure that I don't fall off the wagon. 

Food wise today has been a good day of noms.

Food Diary

Most of you will be familiar with magic pancakes, the method is 35g of oats mixed with a free yogurt (I use weight watchers dessert yogurts) left overnight (not always needed). The next morning you add an egg and mix well. I use my waffle maker to make them into mini waffles as I find it easier to manage than making pancakes. I spooned a tsp of rowse honey over the waffles and served with strawberries and bananas.

I decided on vegetable fried rice for lunch which was gorgeous. The rice was cooked and then when slightly cooled I fried it off in frylight and then added an egg. I also fried off some courgettes, mushrooms and pepper (SF). Afterwards I had a bowl of mango and pineapple (SF). I have not had mango before and it was really tasty.

For dinner I made hunters quorn fillets (Rich had chicken). The sauce is really simple to make

8floz of passata
3tbsp of balsamic vinegar
1tbsp of worcester sauce 
4tbsp of sweetener

You just add the ingredients into a pan and cook until it has thickened. I then poured it over the quorn fillets and topped with half my healthy extra of cheese. The rest I put onto my sw chips. I also cooked off some mushrooms, onions and courgettes.

The pizza craving had kicked in so I decided to splash out some syns on warbutons thins topped with tomato puree then my final healthy extra of cheese. I also decided to have some crisps and used 4 syns on two little bags of crisps. I still had the munchies after so had the grapes with my hot chocolate to round of the day.


The usual coffee (HEA) and water and I also had a hot chocolate (2 syns) taking my total synnage to 11.5 today.

Tomorrow I will attempt something that I haven't been able to achieve today and do something Arsenal are playing Spurs this may be screaming and chucking stuff at the television.

Night night all xoxo


  1. Have you ever tried freezing your grapes? Thier awesome :D OMG can we share Jessie!!!

    1. I haven't but I don't like really cold things sometimes so not got around to it yet you can share jessie ;)