Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tough Tuesday taken down

Today has been a bit of a tough day in the sense that despite my best efforts to go back to work I was shipped off home and been signed off again. I have labrynitus (and that may not even be how you spell it). I am hoping some rest and medication will shift it.

It was tricky being home and feeling grumpy and got the munchies however I made the right decisions and didn't go for the high fat low lasting satisfaction stuff that I may have done before. Why ruin my hard work and good week by munching on junk. I don't need or want it so it stayed in the cupboard away from my shrinking belly.

I had a productive afternoon sitting on the sofa doing very little other than watching Luther cuddling Doug and chatting to my little big sister Mitchymoo (little cos she is a titchy lady now and big cos she is a teeny bit older than me). I also spent many hours chatting to my other sister from another mother and creating the word poona....I do amuse myself and hopefully them ;)

I have spent much of the evening doing the same along with watching Arsenal win again and hoping no more players get broken!

Onto the food today....as I've said I did have the munchies but I didn't waver.

Food Diary


I have no idea why it is sideways silly blogger but before you is 30g all bran chocolate crunch (HEB) with banana, strawberries (SF) and a weight watchers dessert yogurt (F).

Mid morning snack

Blueberry bear yoyo (1/2 HEB)


Minestrone soup (packed with superfree) and a slice of bread (1/2 HEB and 0.5 syns for the tsp of flora extra light).

I was still peckish afterwards so followed this up with some melon (SF)

Mid afternoon snack

A portion of slimming world chips with a tbsp of tesco reduced salt and sugar tommy sauce (F plus 0.5) and much better than crisps or chocolate.


Big Mac on a plate (mix of free, sf and 1 syn for the thousand islands sauce plus HEA of cheese) and slimming world wedges. I really love this meal as it's so simple to make but tasty.


Danio blueberry yogurt (3) and a freddo (5).


Usual coffee (HEA) water and pepsi max

On that note I need to head to bed as feeling really tired. Weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed for a good result.


  1. argh hope you're feeling better soon. You've given me some great ideas for meals. First time I have looked at your blog and you've really motivated me xxx

    1. thanks hun that really means a lot to me xxx

  2. No idea what labywhatawhat is but it sounds nasty and I hope you feel better soon, well done for not letting being poorly throw you off the wagon, your doing so well xx

    1. thanks hun x I can barely pronounce it the doctor did make some random joke about the film called labyrinth when he told me funny man