Thursday, 12 September 2013

Comfort food day

Today has been another day of me doing very little...the most productive thing I have done is buy books thanks to an amazon voucher from doing surveys. I now have somewhere in the region of 500 books in my too be read pile...I guess I may have a problem but I do love to read. I did treat Rich to a CD too as I am that nice. I have two books on the go at the moment my normal paperback to be read at work, during the day and other times. The other is my kindle which is my night book as I don't have to worry about lights etc. Normally it is some chick lit but at the moment I have two supernatural style books on the go.

Apart from shopping for free (the best kind surely) today has been filled with watching 24 and Downton Abbey. I am slowly beginning to feel human again so I am hoping a few more days and I will be normal again...well when I say normal as normal as I can be!

Food wise it has been on plan but the main aim of the food was comfort food. Winter seems to be creeping up and soon it will be time to down my owl gloves and cat hat. I love my winter hats I may even wear my pug hat (yes I have a pug hat).

I didn't have breakfast this morning so the first meal of the day was lunch and the return of cheesy orzo
I stirred in a whole tub of low low was stirred in along with courgette, onion and mushrooms. If you have not tried this then I urge you to do so its gorgeous.

For dinner I got a bit creative
I made a low fat quorn sausage casserole with onions, garlic, mushrooms and tomatoes. I topped this with cheese. The poo shaped thing is mashed potato which I decided to pipe out and bake but it wasn't very artistic. It was tasty though and had a laughing cow blue cheese triangle in there and a dollop of natural yogurt. I will definitely bake the mash again but try and make it more artistic.

For pudding I had syn free rice pudding made with 100g of arborio rice, 500ml diet cream soda, mixed spice and vanilla essence. I stirred in a muller greek toffee yogurt and a banana and it was yummy. Managed to overload the bowl quite a lot.
Another day done and dusted and hopefully another day closer to be human again. 

Night night all xoxo

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