Friday, 6 September 2013

That Friday feeling :D

Well I managed to survive my first back to work without any major dramas and today managed a full day without any dizzy spells or nausea. Infact the only issue I had today was trying to cook my finger during dinner. It wasn't my fault the inside of the oven was hot! maybe when the oven is on it should be hot and therefore putting my hand inside it isn't wise but I was trying to move stuff....I really am dim sometimes.

Today has been a relatively quiet day, I had a few meetings at work but the highlight was my lovely boss giving me this...
We share a mutual love of Hello Kitty and this was so cute and cool. It's actually so nice to have such a great boss makes a change from the previous person.

We headed home from work via Asda for a few dinner bits and I picked up some sweet treats for the fridge included the newly released (or semi new....unsure how long they have been out) toffee greek mullers. I also picked up some mint chocolate muller desserts (worth the 5 syns).
Apart from work and shopping me and Rich had our normal movie night and we watched X-Men 2 have to say the more I see him the more I fall in love with Hugh Jackman <3 This weekend I have planned much laziness which involves in no particular order 24, catchup on sky + thingums and reading books and comics. I do plan on venturing out for a decent walk with Doug over the weekend as I aim to restart C25K as soon as I have gone a few days with no dizzy spells. I did manage to run from the end of the road to the house (not far really) after walking Doug just for the fun of it as Doug does like a run. 

Food wise it has been a good day, no internal beast trying to be mean. Infact there were yummy cookies thrust in front of my face on several occasions today and instead of eating them I brought my share home and force fed them (okay there was no force involved) to Rich. 

Food Diary
Overnight oats made with 35g of porridge oats (HEB) layered with frozen berries and kiwis (SF) and a muller light yogurt. I love overnight oats as they are really tasty and filling.

For lunch I had a gorgeous roast vegetable salad. It reminded me how much I love roasted vegetables I really should do them more often. Afterwards I had the apple and plum you can see....I was so busy eating the plum I forgot to take a picture until half of it had gone.

Dinner was so gorgeous I adore the massive burgers you can have on this plan. Inside the wholemeal roll is two red onion and beef style quorn burgers (F) and three low low cheese slices (HEA). It was gorgeous with the slimming world chips and salad. The entire meal was syn free and gorgeous.

Mint chocolate dessert (5 syns) and 10 mikado (5 syns) whilst watching the movie.

Guess what....I had coffee.....this is not a surprise but I did with my quota of milk (HEA) along with water squash and pepsi max. Infact I have drunk a fair bit today which may mean some late night throne visits.

Thats all folks night night xoxo

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