Monday, 2 September 2013

Returning to normality

This blog has taken me while to start tonight as stupid sky sports news keeps interrupting my focus with breaking news or the horrible face of Gareth Bale. Transfer deadline day is really tense when your waiting for the news that your team have signed a big player but at least its keep me occupied.

I went back to work today after being off for a few weeks, it was tough going and I wasn't sure if I would make it through the day but I am glad I did. I am feeling really tired now and not right so once I have done my blog I may head to bed if I can drag myself away from sky sports news.

Apart from being back at work I haven't been too interesting today, I did manage to take Doug out for a short walk but other than that I have pretty much sat on the sofa since I got home flicking between sky sports news and twitter. 

It is getting closer to weigh in and I am looking forward to seeing the results again this week. I am hoping for another good loss! I have focused again this week on changing things around a bit and not just sticking with the same old food. 

Food Diary

Oh dorset fruit muesli how I love thee! In this bowl of niceness I have 40g dorset fruit (HEB) with a weight watchers dessert yogurt (F) banana, kiwi and strawberries (SF).

I love the new babybel packaging it maks them look so happy! I had three babybel lights (HEA) with my 'heinz' soup which is so simple to make. It is a tin of chopped tomatoes, a tin of carrots and a tin of baked beans. Cook this for 10 minutes then add 2 or 3 pickled onions and blitz. It really does taste like heinz tomato soup. After this I was still peckish so I hate some grapes and melon (SF)


For dinner I made sweet and sour noodles with the above stir fry veg (full of superfree and syn free) and quorn nuggets (6 for 3 syns). The sauce is similar to the pepsi max one, it is one can of diet fizzy orange, 3tbsps of passata a vegetable oxo and some chilli powder. You bring it to the boil until it thickens. I made enough for lunch for me and Rich tomorrow too. It's been ages since I have done this dish but its one of our favourites so I must remember to make it more often especially when there are yummy leftovers.
Pudding was brought to you by the security of Doug, I had a hifi bar (HEB) cola flavoured nakd raisins (3.5 syns) and buttons (4 syns) taking my total to 10.5 today.

You won't be surprised by this I had coffee (HEA) in the form of 4 huge mugs and water and thats all folks

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