Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blackhole Saturday and Rainy Sunday

Yesterday was a good and bad day due to this...
We spent most of the day working on project spare room (you can see Doug assisted us). I started the day on plan but after a day of sorting, rubbish tipping and CEX queues I came home feeling rather crap. I didn't feel too well which is a sign I did way too much...shouldn't run before I can walk. Then the grumps kicked in I adore my family (both those in this house Richie and Doug, my extended family due to Rich and my sisters fromanothermother) but I am not happy with the current path my career is on. I am frustrated that I cannot get back to studying as it is expensive. I am frustrated that whilst I really like the people I work with it is not want I want to be doing and then the grumps get worse and I end up stewing in a foul mood and not wanting to cook. Not helped by missing lunch so I went for the bad option. Yes today I regret it but last night I didn't care. Boy do I wish there was a slimming world takeaway sometimes....or I had the money and business sense to start one ;)

The grumps did lift after a while (thanks donna and mitchy for just being you) but I couldn't seem to settle to sleep for ages last night (maybe CSI before bed is not wise) so I was reading and chatting to Mitchy until later than my normal bed time. I did make a promise to Donna that this morning I'd wake up and get myself back on board the bus and I did. I have no food pictures from yesterday as deleted them in a strop.

Today has been a pretty lazy day and also a very klutzy day starting with me dropping the pan I was making breakfast in this morning and generally spending the day dropping things...I guess Doug enjoyed some of the floor food he got. I have pretty much spent the day doing very little except watching much TV and having a bubble bath.
Food wise after yesterday my aim today was an on plan low syn superfree kind of day and I have succeeded. I have used 3 syns so far and will have a hot chocolate before bed.

Food Diary
Magic pancakes (minus the one I dropped which Doug enjoyed) a shape yogurt and some raspberries and nana. I usually do them as waffles but figured I try as pancakes this time which obviously is not wise when you are a klutz.

A second breakfast style food...I really fancied a 'fry up' so made one for me and Rich complete with fried bread (done with frylight) and only harmed 1.5 syns in the making of this. It was gorgeous and Rich complemented me on my scrambled egg as it was yummy.

Baked bean lasagne with salad. The topping is made with macaroni cheese so was 1.5 syns per portion. I used the heinz garlic and herb baked beans but it needed more garlic for sure.

Syn free rice pudding made with cream soda, a weight watchers dessert yogurt stirred in and another nana. I have tons left for another day.

I am now going to drool over the Winchester brothers and enjoy my hot chocolate. Night night all xoxo

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