Saturday, 21 September 2013

I don't want to get eaten by a shark

Random title for tonight's blog I know but I am sitting here watching Ghost Shark (a wonderfully awful movie about a great white who becomes a ghost and is seeking revenge) and I realised I don't want to be the fat kid in the pool who cannot get out and ends up getting eaten by a shark.

I wouldn't say I am off the bus at the moment but I am struggling. I have eaten some meals that are definitely not slimming world friendly. Being ill truly sucks right now as it means my energy levels and motivation for anything are really low. I even went to bed ridiculously early last night but still feel wiped out. For this reason I didn't blog last night and nearly didn't blog tonight but I like trying to stick to my routine. I will do a quick run through of my food over the past two days.

So yesterdays food, breakfast was yum and simple beans mushrooms and cheese on toast with two linda mccartney sausages. Lunch was simple cheesy orzo but by the afternoon my battery was drained. I really didn't want to cook dinner so Rich cooked and it did the job. The chips are synned as from a packet but the burger and bread was nice. Much better than a takeaway.

Today I tried to do too much and regretted it as yet again I feel rubbish but I did manage to make some red onion chutney and speed soup.

Breakfast was pretty similar to yesterday's with beans mushrooms and sausages but no cheese this time. Lunch was cheese toasties but no picture of those for some reason. Dinner was feta and red onion filo thingums with sw chips. I did have pudding afterwards in the form of banana and honey wrapped in filo with some custard which was gorgeous. I am not sure what the syn value for today was not very responsible of me but tomorrow is a new day and maybe I can sit on the bus properly for once.

Speaking of buses and all things purple me and the lovely Mitchy have a little group of randomness with master Doug as our bus driver. If you want to join then please click on the purple bus link I am also an admin on this wonderful group Slimming Bloggers so feel free to send any requests. Both groups are fab and you can get tons of support/randomness and blogs.

I am going to go back to Ghost Shark now because this film is hilarious!

Night night all and be careful in the water hehe

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