Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wonderful wednesday

I'm going through an odd thing at the moment and that's the fact I cannot wait until weigh in it's likely to be because I know I am on plan and I cannot wait to see what the scales say. Tonight the scales were lovely again and told me I lost 2.5lbs (just to clarify they didn't speak incase anyone is thinking my group has robot scales) and I also won slimmer of the week coming away with a bag of goodies. I am feeling immensely proud of myself as until two weeks ago I was crashing off the bus so often it was getting stupid. I have now managed two weeks solid on the wagon trying new meals and enjoying cooking and my food again. I have abolished twilight zone night and instead I enjoy on plan food and on plan treats and I don't feel out of control. I got the chance in group tonight to thank the lady who kicked me back onto the bus with her comments (and if your reading this thankyou again hun). 

I am already looking forward to next weeks weigh in I am 3.5lbs away from regaining my 3 stone award I have three weigh ins left before me and Rich go to Eurogamer and would love to be close to my 4 stone award so I am really pushing myself now.

One bizarre thing did happen at group tonight....well on the way back up from the drinks machine. Me and Jen always tend to use the lift as we dislike walking up the staircase (it is windy and we can be lazy) however somehow tonight we just starting walking up the stairs....we didn't even realise we were doing it until I stopped at the top and said what have we just done. Maybe we should do the stairs more often! 

Unfortunately I am still ill, this morning was touch and go whether I was going to be able to make it into work but I did and managed to get through the day. My energy levels aren't where they were and a short walk with Doug tires me out so I am looking forward to being able to go out for longer with him soon and restarting C25K.

I did take a picture when I had parked the car this morning to show you more of the cool wall art that is around Bristol.
Apart from that nothing much of interest has happened today oh except when I was at work the health lady commented on size of my cup and asked how many coffees I drink a day I explained I only had 4....she laughed and said in that cup your having about 8 and she said I should ensure I drink plenty of water. I explained I tend to drink between 3-4 litres of water a day minimum which she commented is amazing but don't I spend tons of the day going to the loo. I guess if I also told her about the amount of additional water I get from fruit and veg she may have laughed more....though in reality I do visit the porcelain throne regularly but its better than not keeping up the fluids.

Food was good and kept me going throughout the day.

Food Diary

Overnight oats which are really fab for work. I did a layer of nanas then a layer of oats then yogurt and then a layer of kiwis and strawberries and just repeated until the jar was full and the oats had gone. This was a HEB free and superfree mix. The oats go really soft as the yogurt soaks in.

I love the new wrapping on the babybels they are so cute! Lunch was curry loaf salad and 3 babybel lights followed by an apple. I have just noticed my apple sits above the word starving which I was not by the time I finished lunch.

Chilli cheese fries! Anyone who has watched Man vs Food will have come across the chilli cheese fries which is chilli on top of fries with cheese. I do a slimming world friendly version with SW chips, chilli made with quorn and cooked in the slow cooker and 40g of cheese. It was gorgeous and the chilli smelt amazing when we got home from work. I plan to use the slow cooker more as winter kicks in as it's so handy when your working. My chilli tends to be quorn mince, passata, mushrooms, onions, kidney beans, baked beans and chilli all bunged in together.

10 syns were harmed in the making of pudding tonight blueberry danio (3) happy snax (2) and a freddo (5) taking my total to 10 and leaving me nice and satisfied. 


Bucket load of coffee (HEA) water and a pepsi max during group. 

Thats all for me tonight night night all xoxo

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  1. I love it when I'm looking forward to group. It usually means I've been good and can expect a pleasing result!