Sunday, 8 September 2013

Squashing the beast

Why is it when you feel confident and happy on the wagon this happens....
I was doing fine all day and then an hour ago this evil little beast starting going feed me feed this point I had already had my dinner and supper. I wasn't thirsty either so it was close to me hulking out and running into the kitchen going feed me raaaaaar.
I had three options I could ignore it (nearly impossible) I could feed it chocolate and crisps and ruin my hard work for the past few weeks as the 3 syns worth I had was simply not enough or I could come up with another thing. Thank god for my lovely Jen inspiring me with what to do with leftover fromage frais. It is her that we owe much thanks too otherwise Bristol may have been destroyed. Seriously it was getting that dangerous.

So apart from the near disaster to strike Bristol I have spent the day doing so little except enjoying a few episodes of 24 and then many episodes of Downton Abbey inbetween some reading. I adore this show and love the fact that ITV3 has repeated the entire three seasons so I can sit and watch them all.
Food wise I have been on plan despite nearly hulking out going slightly above my preferred 10 and having 11.5 but at least I remained more controlled than I would have been a few weeks ago. 

Food Diary

Quorn bacon (1.5 for two slices), low fat quorn sausages (F) button mushrooms (SF) and Hello Kitty spaghetti (F). 

Oh cheesy orzo I have missed you! I have not had it for quite a few weeks since returning to the purple bus and decided to indulge today. I cooked off some onions, mushrooms and courgette and also stirred in a whole tub of low low (2x HEB). It was gorgeous. I finished it off with some fruit and a yogurt.

Dinner was a new recipe and whilst it was okay it didn't blow us away unfortunately. We decided to make the Glamorgan sausages from the 50 green recipes. The sausages (honest thats what they are) were made with canneloni beans, red onion, grated carrot, parsley You stick all the ingredients in a food processor and then they rest for 3-4 hours.You then mould them into sausage type shapes. The red sauce underneath was so simple just passata and a tbsp of balsamic vinegar. I boiled the sauce down until it had reduced and was nice and thick. It worked well with the lumpy shaped thingums. I don't think we will be rushing to make them again though.

Good old cheese on toast...well warburton thins (5 syns) and my hea of cheese. I also had two bags of the happy snax (3 syns). The beast wanted more so it was fed fromage frais mixed with white chocolate options and then blueberries. Taking the total synnage to 11.5 when it could have been so much worse.

And on that note the weekend is done :( it has flown by and work beckons tomorrow. Night night all xoxo

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